About Witchy Words

Q. Can I put your image/infograph on my blog or print it out and put it in my grimoire/BOS?
Of course!  As long as my watermark is not removed and I am properly credited (ie a link back to my website from the blog entry), you are more than welcome to share any image on my blog.  That being said, I do pursue the Digital Millennium Copyright Act to the fullest extent if you violate this and remove my watermark, alter my images or claim them as your own.  I am intolerant of content theft.

Q. I have a question.  Where can I contact you?
You can send me an e-mail at witchywordsblog@gmail.com.

Q. I want you to review my product/service.  How can I make that happen?
As long as your product would interest my readers, I would love to review it!  You can find guidelines and how to get in touch with me for reviews here.

Q. I'd like to send you something in the mail.  Where can I send it?
All mail can be sent to: Witchy Words, PO Box 165, Independence, MO 64051.  Please let me know if you've sent something so I can be on the lookout for it!

Q. How can I get a caricature?
You can order caricatures through my website here.

Q. Could I pay you to come out and photograph my wedding/engagement/baby photos?
Unfortunately, I am not a for-hire photographer.  My photography is my only purely-creative outlet and I let my Craft inspire it.

Q. How can I support your work?
By buying me a cup of coffee through Ko-Fi OR you can support me regularly as a patron on Patreon!  Thank you so much!

About Witchcraft

Q. What is a witch/pagan/Wiccan?
You can find this answer in detail here.  The short of it is that Neopaganism refers a modern religious movement of non-Abrahamic paths, often though not always influenced by historical paganism. Wicca is a denomination of that movement created in the 1950s that blends European pagan folk traditions with 19th and 20th century occultism.  On the other hand, witchcraft is a separate movement that often overlaps with various religions, including paganism.  Witches typically utilize energy work and intent to either manipulate the world around them or their perception of it, depending on your beliefs.  One can be just a witch, just a pagan or a pagan witch.  Not all pagans are Wiccans and not all pagans practice witchcraft.  If you're confused, this article should help clear up some misconceptions.

Q. Can you really shoot lightning bolts from your wand/turn people into toads/fly in the air on a broomstick?
No. Witchcraft is very little like what you see in movies or TV shows.  A witch cannot defy the laws of science or physics.  I cannot move things with my mind or levitate off the ground.  Witchcraft, in my personal opinion, is far more psychological and philosophical, presenting an alternative viewpoint to mainstream beliefs. 

Q. Are witches evil?
Evil is relative to your own personal morals.  Most witches are normal, everyday people who have found respite and comfort in their Craft.  Each witch has an internal moral compass that often differs from one to the other.  So its likely that each witch's ethics would differ from your own.  Some witches may exhibit more altruistic intentions than you do while others may not, but it's important to note that each path is valid, including your own.  The problem occurs when someone attempts to inflict their own personal moral compass onto someone with a differing one.  I've seen this work both ways: Where witches of a darker path antagonize "fluffy bunny" witches and witches of a more altruistic path demonize witches who curse.  The bottom line is that there is a spectrum of morality in everyone and witches are no different.  For more information on my personal ethics, see my Ethics section.

Q. Do you believe in the devil?
Some witches do and some witches don't. Even in those that do, some of those witches have similar beliefs about the devil as Christians do.  There is no one right or wrong way to practice witchcraft, thus the range for beliefs is very wide.  Personally speaking, I work with an entity known as the Witch's Devil, or the Man in Black, but I see him as a separate entity from Lucifer/the Christian devil.

Q. What do you believe in if you don't believe in or work with God(s)? 
Nontheism presents a variety of beliefs, so I am certainly not a speaker for all nontheistic witches.  That being said, my beliefs are human-centric.  I believe in the whole of a person from birth to life to death and after.  This cyclic nature of life is present in all things and so I follow it.  My Craft gives me personal growth, direction and rhythm, self-affirmation, adaptability and community.  These are all essential to my work.  You can read more about my beliefs as a nontheist here.

Q. If you don't believe in the devil/hell, what stops you from doing bad things?
Fear of repercussion shouldn't be the only reason why you don't commit murder or steal a TV.  You should want to do good naturally.  There is greater reward and involvement in doing something out of want than out of force.  So if I volunteer with a shelter or serve soup or entertain refugee children at a birthday party or donate money to a charity (all of which I have done), then I do so out of my own personal desire to do good - not to rack up brownie points with a deity or avoid a punishment in the afterlife.  I'm certainly not judging you for believing those things as every belief is valid in my eyes; this is simply my viewpoint on the subject.

Q. I want to be a witch but I don't know where to start.  Help!
I would suggest starting right here

Q. Can I be a Christian and a pagan/Wiccan/witch?
Earlier, I mentioned that each individual has their own personal moral compass.  This is certainly where it comes into play.  Whether you believe you can be a Christian and a pagan, Wiccan or witch is entirely up to you.  There is a large population of Christopagans, Christowiccans and Christian Witches out there, so it's certainly feasible and valid.  That being said, many members of the church and certain passages of the Bible may be seemingly against it.  In the end, it's what you believe that defines you and nothing else. 

Q. I want my love interest to love me/come back/break up with their current significant other.  Please help!
I do not perform spells for people I don't know, and particularly not on people that I've never met.

Q. I think someone put an evil curse on me.  Please help!
It is immensely unlikely that you have been cursed.    I believe that magic is more of psychological state for the caster than an influence on outside forces.  Thus, if you think you've been cursed, you will most certainly feel cursed because that's your state of mind. I would suggest performing some cleansing and protection spells to relieve your worries.