About Me

A 30-something resident of Kansas City, I've been married to my high school sweetheart for over a decade. I work as a full-time caricature artist and volunteer in animal rescue in my spare time. I also happen to consider myself a witch. I grew up in a Catholic-meets-Baptist household and truly enjoyed Sunday school, but neither religion seemed to click for me. When I was introduced to paganism and witchcraft in my preteens, the rest was history.  I now use my blog as a way of exploring my Craft and connecting with others.

Witchy Words strives to be a resource on opinions about modern paganism and witchcraft.  Seeking transparency in all things, this blog offers a visual perspective on rituals, spell crafting, altars and more.   I photograph some of my personal rituals, post up spells I've created that have worked for me, and openly speak about my experiences as a nontheistic hedgewitch working with familiars.  It is my firm belief that this openness is not only needed to combat stereotypes but to educate those new to the religion or Craft who don't have access to a community.

As with all blogs, Witchy Words is first and foremost an opinion site.  Unlike a .edu or a .gov site, where resources are worked on by many people or specialists in the field, I'm just a single person on a journey.  I try my best to cover a wide range of topics in a general fashion but I can and will make errors.  Think of this blog as a catalyst for your own journey and research, inspiring you to dig deeper and see all the options that paganism, Wicca and witchcraft can bring!

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