Friday, September 11, 2020

13 Essential Gemstones Series: Rose Quartz

In this series, I will be exploring 13 common minerals and gemstones used in the Craft, dissecting their meaning from science, history, culture, and my own experiences.  


Rose Quartz

Color: Pink
Appearance: A transparent to translucent quartz stone with a pink hue ranging from barely noticeable to an obvious light pink coloration.
Hardness: 7
Other Notable Qualities: Rose quartz is one of many variations of quartz defined by their inclusions and colors.

Scientific Correspondence:
Socializing - Community

True rose quartz is a pink cloudy stone that gets its coloration from inclusions of dumortierite.  Dumortierite is used in high-grade porcelain tiles typically used in high foot-traffic areas ranging from restaurants and stores to schools and hospitals.  As such, rose quartz of this variety is fantastic for social gatherings and community.

Historical Correspondence:
Love - Beauty

Ancient Greek lore contains two tales involving rose quartz.  The first states that Adonis was attacked by Ares while in the shape of a boar, causing him to bleed.  Aphrodite, his lover, was scratched by a briar bush while running to his aid.  Their blood together dripped onto clear quartz, causing it to turn pink.  Zeus, taking pity on the couple, brought Adonis back for six months every year.  The second story stated that Cupid and Eros gifted humanity with rose quartz, hoping that its pink color would inspire love and desire.  Thus rose quartz can definitely represent love in your work.

Ancient Egyptians associated rose quartz with the goddess Isis.  According to their lore, Isis used rose quartz as an aid for beauty and youth.  Because of this, facial masks made of rose quartz can be found in Egyptian tombs because they believed it would keep them wrinkle-free with clear complexions.  As such, rose quartz can also represent beauty as well.

Cultural Correspondence (USA/Midwest):
Gender Fluidity

In 2016, Pantone named rose quartz "Color of the Year."  They stated that color was a "warmer, embracing" color and paired it with the cooler, peaceful Serenity blue as a means of challenging traditional gender associations with the two colors.  Because of this modern association, rose quartz as a stone could be said to represent gender and gender fluidity.

Sigil to Invoke Rose Quartz

Utilize this sigil as a way of invoking the properties of rose quartz if you have none available to you.  You are welcome to print this sigil, place it in a grimoire, use it on a spell or put it in your blog with proper credit.  Do not claim this sigil as your own.

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