Friday, April 3, 2020

Meet the Familiars: Zeus

Name: Zeus
Nicknames: Zeusy, Tubby Tabby, Mister Mom
Species: Cat
Breed: Maine Coon Mix
Age: 11 (almost 12)

Adoption Date: 5/21/11
Adoption Location: Right outside our apartment.
Reason for Name: Crawled out of a storm drain during a lightning storm.

Pact Date: 5/21/11
Astral Voice Qualities: Raspy, guttural, almost sounds like Stitch.
Element: Earth
Favorite Witchcraft Activities: Grounding, protection, spellwork.
Five Key Qualities: Stable, nurturing, glutton.

The following interview has been edited for clarity.

What was your story before you were picked up by The Witch?
Big trash can.  Little gutter.  Trash can was food.  Trash can would crush.  Danger.  Crush once a day.  Three years of this.  Then crush twice a day.  Never know when.  Get thin.  Get thinner.  Panic.

How did The Witch find you?
Heard Witch for months in living box near trash can.  Talked to Witch.  Witch did not hear me.  Then Witch heard me.  Witch said I was hers if she found me.  Why wait.  I find her.  Well, I find dog.  Then him [my husband].  Then her.

This was the night.  I love the Witch.  Always loved the Witch. Was waiting for the Witch.  Very thin. Very sick.  But waiting.

When did you take up the mantle of domestic familiar? Why?
Always familiar.  I waited for Witch for a long time.  Very long time.  Three years.  Always waiting.  Always knew, but had to wait or Witch would not hear me.  Witch would not know.  Witch had to move into living box.  Then had to hear me.  Always familiar though.

What's your favorite witchy thing to do?
I am Tubby Tabby.  I do not leave ground.  So I do grounding.  I calm and meditate. I give energy. I do spells.  I also protect. Dog is too nice.  I am very nice but only to Witch. And only to dog, and long boy, and derp, and loud feathers.  And to him [my husband].  And to anyone they like.  I am very nice.  Everyone else?  I will kill.  New dog get in yard? Kill.  Vet? Kill.  Was a "brawler," says Witch. Other cats at trash can were danger.  Kill.  Birds were food. Kill.  But now I do not have to kill.  Except new dog in yard.  Will kill. [Neighbor's dog sometimes jumps the fence and it honestly sounds like Zeus will break the glass with how angry he gets.]

What's the strangest request your witch has given you?
When first entered living box, look for trash can.  Many years.  "No trash can."  Don't understand but love Witch, so no trash can.

What's your favorite sabbat or esbat?
Do not do sabbats. Only like rituals with Witch.

Is it frustrating to be around non-magical humans who can’t “hear” you the way The Witch does?
No other two-leg matters. Only Witch and him [my husband].

What is living in a multi-species household like?
I love everyone!  I love dog.  And derp. And long boy.  I even love loud feathers.  I love all of them.  Witch calls me "Mister Mom."  I take care.  I manage.  I reprimand. I groom.  I love.  I do not lead.  I do not fight.  No interest.  Just food and love.

As a familiar, what is it like to be around animals who aren't familiars?
Loud feathers is good feathers.  Long boy does not like loud.  Dog does not like loud. I do not mind.

What is your favorite non-witchy thing to do?
Eat.  And sleep.  Mostly eat.

If you could pick a different type of animal to be, what would it be and why?
Human.  More food.  Big cold trash can with food all the time.  I could have.

Where is your favorite place to nap?
Next to Witch.

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  1. Hi Marietta! This is Stephanie in TX. I have made some pretty good face masks. Four layers of protection. 2 layers of fabric with 2 layers of fusible interfacing on the inside. With your health challenges I thought of you and I'm mailing you 2 masks. One for you and one for hubby. I'll mail them today for 2 day delivery. Check your PO box on Friday.

    1. Oh my goodness, that's so sweet of you! I greatly appreciate it! My sewing skills stop at buttons and whip stitch, and KC has been out of disposable masks for along while. We've been using scarves to leave the house, which are not as effective. I'm super grateful. Thank you so much!