Friday, January 24, 2020

Meet the Familiars: Artemis

Name: Artemis
Nicknames: Artie, Artie-Bean, the Bean
Species: Dog
Breed: Maltese/Shih Tzu mix
Age: 11

Adoption Date: 11/20/10
Adoption Location: Parking lot rescue.
Reason for Name: Rescued on a full moon.

Pact Date: 12/21/10
Astral Voice Qualities: Nasal, child-like.
Element: Water
Favorite Witchcraft Activities: Healing, veil crossing, group work.
Five Key Qualities: Intelligent, empathetic, loyal, healing, needy.

The following interview has been edited for clarity.
Note: Artemis calls the witch "Mem."

What was your story before you were picked up by The Witch?
Before Mem, I lived with a lady and three boys. I liked the lady but she worked a lot.  Her kids were really mean to me because I was young and small.  They laughed when my head went under water.  They cut me and hit me.  I was really afraid of kids for a long time, but I'm okay now.  And the lady got mad because I pooped on the floor a lot, but there was no outside.  The lady tried to give me away to a really old man.  He was too old.  My hair grew into my eyes and he forgot to feed me.  And I got bugs.  It itched.

How did The Witch find you?
After the old man, I lived with the lady again.  Then the lady took me in her truck to a dark parking lot. I was scared. The window where the food comes in?  I went through that window and I never saw the lady again.  And that was the first time I saw Mem.

This is night Mem got me from lady in parking lot. See hair in eyes. I was scared.

When did you take up the mantle of domestic familiar? Why?
When Mem took me home, I didn't know words. I pooped inside when I was alone. I even tried to run out the door for fun. I wasn't scared. I just didn't know that I could get lost. I made Mem stressed. Mem worked a lot, like the lady did. But she worked at home, too. Mem said the lady told her I was trained, but the lady never talked to me like Mem does or took me outside.  One day, a really big wind made the door open while Mem was working. I wanted to poop and be a good boy so I went outside. But it was very cold and snow. So much snow. Mem found me and she was crying. And I ate her sorrow.  It was salty.  And I realized I loved her.  And I wanted to do more for her because she loved me.  So I listened when she talked to me.  I learned words.  And one day, Mem understood me.

I think I was always familiar, but only for Mem.  Mem had to teach me so I could show her.  We talked a lot and then did ritual.  Is ours, not yours.  Sorry.

What's your favorite witchy thing to do?
Mem talks to people without bodies.  They come to her when she sleeps, when she just wake up.  Is liminal.  But Mem needs sleep, so I also talk to people without bodies for her.  One day I will be without a body. Mem says that's sad but then I can go with Mem everywhere like I want.  And I will be good boy forever.

What's the strangest request your witch had given you?
Mem is not strange, but other familiars strange.  They want ritual without Mem.  Is weird, but okay.

What's your favorite sabbat or esbat?
I like Yule. I like snow.  Get lots toys.  Also, cuddle all night and eat.  Food and toys. Best sabbat.

Is it frustrating to be around non-magical humans who can’t “hear” you the way The Witch does?
Mem is good at talking for me.  Some of the last circle was witch but still could not hear me. I ask Mem to talk for me and then sit in front of person.  Sometimes, it's okay that other people cannot hear me. I snark, Mem says.

What is living in a multi-species household like?
I like cats. I do not like other dogs, but I like cats. They are nice and don't get in your face unless they are very small.  I do not like very small cats.  Only normal cats.  I want to be friends with bird but bird does not want to be friends with me.  Bird is also very loud.  It hurt. Do not like.

As a familiar, what is it like to be around animals who aren't familiars?
Bird is not smart.  She can talk in sound but she can't talk in brain. Is weird.  So when bird is loud, she doesn't hear me tell her to stop and then I get upset.  And then Mem gets upset.  Is no good.  But I still love bird.

What is your favorite non-witchy thing to do?
We go in car to get food from the happy place.  Sometimes is burgers, sometimes is sugar whip in cup.  And they just give it to you through window!  IS AWESOME.

If you could pick a different type of animal to be, what would it be and why?
I dog.  I always dog.  I have been dog many times before.  But I stay with Mem after this body.  Until Mem is without body.  Then I bring her across veil.  Is my job.  Bound forever.

Where is your favorite place to nap?
In bed with Mem.  At feet.  Sometimes against butt.  Mem says I am warm then puts on cold wind and wonder why I lay on top of her.  I don't like the cold wind when sleep but she does, so okay.

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