Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Personal Update: Autumn, Halloween, Pets.

Well, I suppose it's personal update time.  I sat on this post for a few days because I've felt emotionally under the weather.  The explosive events of this year combined with the silence of the past few months and the oncoming seasonal affective are putting me in a frustrating state of mind. Work has been my greatest distraction as it's kept me incredibly busy. I don't have much to update you with this month, but I'll give you the few new points of interest.

Fall has definitely fallen here in KC.  We're currently in peak color, which means I've been taking photos non-stop.  The trees are gorgeous.  It certainly puts me in a fantastic autumn mood, even if I have a slight cloud over my head.

I completed the additions to my car, Serenity.  I know it's kind of silly to "dress" her up but I liked making this car truly mine.  If I'm going to spend that much money on something, I might as well enjoy it!  And what better way to make something truly mine than to merge it with one of my favorite things from my childhood.  The interior now looks like a permanent transformation sequence:

I finally completed our Halloween decorations for this year.  Every year, I dress up as a stereotypical witch - pointy had, big poofy black dress - and hand out candy from my cauldron to the kids.  I decided to carry that theme over and added witch decor to the outside of my house.

They're currently predicting rain on Halloween but I hope they're wrong.  I really enjoy seeing all the neighborhood kids in their costumes!

Artie also loves the holiday.  I usually dress him up and let him sit with us to hand out candy.  He loves the attention and the kids coo over him.  It's a win/win.  Last year, he dressed up as a Pokemon trainer.  This year, he's going as a pumpkin to match the decor.  I don't think he really cares what he wears as long as he gets the pets.

Speaking of pets, Iris is slowly integrating into the menagerie.  She gets along well with Zeus and withstands Artie, but chases off Hermes and Apollo at every chance she gets.  Poor Apollo likes to sleep on the back of my office chair and he's been relegated to the floor since we got her.  Today, he attempted to sleep up there but she kept lunging at him.  I'm trying not to stress either of them out too much but, eventually, she has to learn that they're not interested in hurting her - honestly, she's more a danger to them with her giant beak than the other way around.  All of that will come with time, though.

In terms of her temperament, she's becoming more docile and affectionate, which is fantastic.  I think she's learning that we're not going to hurt her here.  I don't know what her history was like but, from her behavior, I've inferred that she's been grabbed at a lot, that she spent way too much time locked inside a cage to the point that it made her territorial, and that she's been punished by poking, slapping and being hit with a phone.  I'm disappointed that anyone would treat her that way but, given my recent (and not-so-recent) experience with humanity, I can't say I'm surprised.

I do feel like we were meant to be together, though.  She reminds me of myself: Broken, defensive and isolated.  If Zeus is the reincarnation of my husband, then she may very well be me.  She's almost an extension of my therapy: Every breakthrough I made with my therapist is mirrored with a breakthrough with her.  For example, she was throwing a bit of an angry fit a few weeks ago and, barring my own safety, I kissed her.  She sat there for a moment, utterly shocked that someone might still love her when she's angry.  She then craned her neck out for another kiss.  And another. And another.  I loaded her up with so many kisses until she was nuzzling my cheek.  If she were a familiar, I could tell her directly that she's worthy of love even when she feels unlovable, and that she'll always get that love here.  But she's not a familiar, so I have to show her.  And no matter how many times she lapses, how often she feels angry or unloved or isolated, no matter how many times I have to show her, I will.  I will do it until she can't forget that she's loved.  Until she knows it deep in her little feathery body.  My little angry avocado.

The familiars are also doing well.  Hermes has some inflammation on his lip that I've been monitoring for a few weeks.  He's been to the vet twice and received some topical medication and now a steroid injection.  It's nothing major - certainly not a mass or infection - but it's something we're watching.  

Artie had his second doggy cold ever earlier this month - about the same time I discovered Hermes's inflammation.  We coddled him all the way through it.  I know it's just a cold but he doesn't get them at all really, so that amplifies how it feels.

Apollo got a new cat hub.  I'd say all the cats did but when I purchased it, I purchased it solely for him.  He likes curling up in super soft things and this fit the bill.  To be totally fair, I don't think the other two cats would fit in it very well anyway.  I knew I made the right decision, though, when I tossed it up the stairway and he immediately climbed into it.  I couldn't move it to its intended spot in the office for well over an hour.  He knew.

Zeus is also doing well.  Nothing new to report on his end but I wanted to show off this photos of him on my Oujia serving tray.

That about sums it up!  As I said, not much to talk about this round.  I'll leave you with adorable photos of Artie waiting on my husband to return home from work.  Enjoy!


  1. Good to hear from you! I’m glad the familiars are all doing well, and that you and Iris are bonding through everything. I don’t believe there’s any such thing as a broken person, or animal for that matter, even though we all feel like that at times. I mean if a light bulb is broken, we throw it away, and if a car is broken down, it can be fixed but it depreciates in value. But people don’t depreciate and we don’t throw each other away. I’d hope not anyway. Remember that while you both work through your issues, you are both so valuable and amazing. I made a witch’s new year resolution to comment on all your blog entries so expect to see more comments from me in the future. Blessed late Samhain!

    1. I don't know; I certainly feel a little shattered. I'd like to think of the mending process akin to kintsugi, a process in Japanese culture where cracked or shattered bowls are mended with gold. The breakage becomes not only a part of its journey - something that shouldn't be hidden but shown and celebrated for its beauty - but also adds to the value of the ware. Being broken isn't necessarily something that isn't fixable and it will only add to my self-worth later, but it's something I have to sit with and recognize right now. I can feel it, focus on myself (and my parrot), and mend. :) I look forward to your comments, Liz! A blessed late Samhain to you as well!

  2. *Snugs* Quite a few of the people I know describe mending themselves in terms of kintsugi/kintsukuroi. I wrote a post about it myself back in May, and while the process of mending can suck, it will be worth it in the end. We'll get there. :)

    Also, I love how Serenity looks. I'm planning on adding decals to my car whenever I manage to get one of my own, as opposed to having the parents' run-around car on semi-permanent loan.