Saturday, October 13, 2018

[Part Nine] Hermetic Spellcraft: Putting it All Together!

Throughout this series, I've discussed the Seven Hermetic Principles as presented in The Kybalion and attempted to modernize obsolete interpretations as they relate to spellcraft.  At this point, it's time to summarize and combine them in a way that we can fluidly progress through each of the principles to see the whole they present.

If you haven't read the previous articles regarding the principles, I suggest you start here and work your way through before reading this article!

I should note as well that, as we've progressed through these principles, I've offered a visualization that helps simplify each concept for better comprehension.  We must understand, however, that each of these individual components - the three realms, the pendulum, the non-polarized sphere - exist within one another.  We have only separated them to make the concepts clearer but, in reality, these individual components are simply part of those realms right in the center.

With this in mind, let's review what we've learned and understand it in the greater context!

The Principle of Mentalism
Everything we know exists mentally before it exists physically, meaning that manifestation first begins within the mind.  The mental lens is the first realm defined by these principles.

It is the blank white board before the words are written on it.

The Principle of Correspondence
Two more realms exist in addition to the mental realm: The physical realm, or the one below the mental lens; and the spiritual or subconscious realm, or the one above the mental lens.

The Principle of Vibration
These three realms exist in the very same space only just a degree off, creating a vibration that we understand to be energy.


The Principle of Polarity
Dichotomies do not exist.  Good and evil are subjective and relative. Everything is on a spectrum, including our own intents, and we should examine all aspects before committing.  As such, our spell work is like a sphere, with all the various gradients of meaning wrapped in one.  It is the aim that determines which side hits - and where.

The Principle of Rhythm
All of the realms have a natural rhythm that we cannot alter. Instead, we must learn to work with it.  This manifests visually as a pendulum that can bounce our ball back at us negatively or send it soaring in the direction we want it to go.

The Principle of Cause and Effect
We are responsible for the cause and effect that occurs within our realms.  We are the pitcher behind the ball.

The Principle of Gender
Creation occurs in all realms.  We must balance listening and doing to avoid stagnation or chaos.  This means we also wear the catcher's mitt and must understand we are not the only ones throwing these spheres.

And all of this is happening in the same space, the same three realms just a degree off.  All of this is contained right here:

It is where our "sphere of intent" is cast and where the pendulum swings.  It is where we stand.  It contains everything we know and understand to be a part of the universe.  This is our universe, our world, and we are responsible for it.

And with that, I conclude this nine part series on Hermetic spellcraft.  I hope I've helped you better understand how spells work within the context of witchcraft.  Happy spell casting!