Saturday, September 1, 2018

Autumn Equinox / Mabon: Ten ideas for solitary witches!

Below are ten crafts, altars, spells and ritual ideas for solitaries that either I personally, my coven or other covens have done throughout the past five years.  Enjoy!

Have a Mabon Feast
Known as the witch's Thanksgiving, the autumn equinox is a great time to have friends and family over for a seasonal potluck dinner, much the way Circle of Fountains did in 2015.

Create a Seasonal Altar
Use items you find in the park, your backyard or your local farmer's market to make a seasonal altar like I did in 2015.

Enjoy the Harvest Fire
Celebrate the start of autumn with a small fire like Circle of Fountains did in 2015.  Bonus if you add some fall treats like S'mores to the mix!

Celebrate Balance
The equinox celebrates equal day and night.  What better way to emphasize this than to light a black candle to release something and a white candle to draw something in as my coven did in 2013.

Apple Magic
Apples are the harvest of the season!  Research the may ways you could incorporate them into your ritual or altar!

Express Gratitude
Find a way to show your gratitude during this season of thankfulness.  One such way is to state what you're thankful for after each bite you take of an apple as I did in 2015!

Fall Cleaning
Cleaning out your home isn't just for the spring!  Do some physical and spiritual fall cleaning like I did in 2016!

A Transitional Sigil
Create a bind rune or sigil to help you with the transition from the lighter half of the year to the darker half as my previous coven did in 2014!

Seasonal Stone Chest
Paint a small box with the colors or themes of the season and fill it with a stone for something you'd like to invoke in the darker half of the year similar to what my coven did in 2016

Create a Cornucopia
Fill a cornucopia or basket you find at a thrift store with fruits, vegetables and leaves either as an altar decoration or as the centerpiece to your fall feast like I did in 2013!

I hope you have a blessed equinox!

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