Saturday, August 25, 2018

Full Moon in Pisces Altar August 2018

A compassionate and emotional water sign, Pisces is a sign of transformation, balance and peace.  A full moon in the sign of the fish asks us to surrender, let go and become at peace with the occurrences in our lives.  This can be difficult as Pisces likes to become emotionally attached to these things.  As such, I wanted my altar for the Pisces full moon to be about that serenity, peace and emotional attachment.

I began the altar with easy and simple symbolism.  Pisces is the sign of the fish.  Thus the centermost focus of the altar includes all things fish, such as this beautiful metal fish sculpture.

Next up in the center is this glass float.  Historically used by fishers to keep their nets buoyant, this glass ball is decoratively filled with sand and shells, giving it a beach-like theme.

On the right side of this trio is an apothecary jar filled with fish bones and a starfish.  Fish are often representative of emotions and wisdom while starfish symbolize friendliness and sensitivity.  All of these are traits of the Pisces sign.

In front of that display, I've placed a ceramic shell-shaped candle holder.  The shell itself is a scallop shell - the same kind of shell seen birthing Aphrodite in the classic painting.  Because of that, this shell represents renewal and love.

The inside has been painted a beautiful, glossy blue reminiscent of the ocean.  Similar to the blue of the glass float, I replicated this blue in two other tealights to invoke serenity on the altar.

In front of that, I placed a selenite wand and heart.  Based on the Greek "Selene" for moon, selenite is a stone of balance and peace and is relevant for a full moon altar, especially in Pisces.

On either side of the center, amethyst sits.  Amethyst represents spirituality and is the astrological birthstone for Pisces.  These cylinders are so unique that I couldn't avoid picking up a few!

After the completion of this altar, I wanted to burn some incense in these gorgeous metal fish.  It seemed almost made for it!  Because I now have a bird in the house, I wanted to avoid burning incense near the hallway leading to the room her cage is kept in.  Instead, I moved the fish outside for a full moon incense offering and caught this gorgeous photo!

I'll leave you with a full visual description of the altar.  Enjoy!

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