Wednesday, June 13, 2018

June Personal Update: Work, Piano, Familiars

I'm finally over the pneumonia!  It only took me essentially two months but, you know, here I am!  This has been a huge setback in my attempt to get my health back in order and my ability to keep up with the blog.  I had such a nice build-up of pre-scheduled articles.  Now I'm down to just the last few.  I had plans, guys.  Plans.  But there are a million sayings for that.  So let's just dive into what's been going on the past few months.

I've been working my tail feathers off.  Busy season is here to stay and I enjoy it, even if I've been sick for most of it.

I had new business and thank you cards made this past month, and I'm currently getting a sign created that will go on top of my easel!  It'll have interchangeable cards for which agency I'm working for as well as what time I'll be done.  It'll even have a card holder!  I'm very excited.

I've also been teaching caricaturing classes with our local library system.  Tons of locations.  It's been exciting to introduce kids to caricaturing!

I received a package from the UK this month!  Thank you so much to Karen Carter for her little book on the Winter Solstice and the wooden stick!  I appreciate it!

I've also been gifted in my yard a bird wing and a moth that I'm currently preserving!  Thank you, spirits!

I found this gorgeous, GIANT quartz tower at my local thrift store.  Again on my lucky finds!

Along with this hilarious mug!

But on to more serious things...

I'm sure some of you have seen my social media posts about my piano.  Every few years, my mom decides that she's going to "trash my piano unless I get it moved."  It happened back in around 2015 and it happened again this year.  Moving the piano is an endeavor.  Not only is it costly to have it moved but the piano itself is in disrepair.  When my grandfather died, he left it to me in his will.  My parents moved it to my childhood home and had it tuned when I was six.  Since then, it's just... sat there.  Even though I played it frequently as a child and teenager - honestly, it was a huge part of my identity - my parents never maintained it.  It would never be tuned again and would start breaking down.

So, on top of moving costs, I knew I would need to restore it.  Uprights have a negative market value.  More people are looking to get rid of them than people are willing to even just take them for free.  I knew it would be an expensive chore to get this piano back to what it should be.  Was it worth it?

Originally, I told my mom to just go ahead and let it go.  I posted a Facebook status about how much it meant to me and I cried a little.  It was hard.  But when my mom commented on my emotional, grieving Facebook post asking if "Anyone wants it?" my circle became furious.  How could she not see how much this means to me?  They started piling money together to help me get it moved so I could focus on renovating it.  I was in tears.  Particularly after the rough week I had, I couldn't believe they were rallying behind me like this.  This made me actually search for movers and, to my surprise, I found a wonderful company that moved it for a mere $200.  At that point, I couldn't even justify taking my circle's money.  I could afford to move it myself!

So I now have my grandfather's piano in my basement.  I'm having someone come out to tune it and replace the ivories next Thursday.  He's going to let me know what else needs to be done and we'll go from there.

Meanwhile, this whole thing has confirmed something I've known for a while: I need to go to therapy.  I've got too many unresolved issues from my childhood cropping up.  It's time to get it managed.  So I start that next Wednesday.

Of course, in the process of getting my health under control, things don't always go quite as planned.  I went to a rheumatologist this past week in attempt to find a solution for my exhaustion, leg weakness and muscle pain.  I had a massive amount of labs done - so much so that I passed out.  Not kidding.  When I came to, a second nurse I hadn't even seen was holding me upright and I vomited into a bag.  It was... exciting.  I also had to go to our local hospital for x-rays of my joints.  The rheumatologist wants to put me on a permanent immunosuppressant.  The one they're looking at, Humira, is an injectable, so I'm going to have to get over my fear of needles here.

Don't be chronically ill, kids.  It's not worth it.

Other than that, there's not much new to report.  I'll leave you with some adorable pictures of my familiars!

He was not happy that I had to leave for another gig.

Cheeky little thing.

This cat is clearly operating on exactly one-half of a fried brain cell.

He thinks he's hiding?  Yeah.


  1. Love the gorgeous pictures of the familiars! Such derps sometimes! I am glad you got your Grandpa's piano back, good luck with restoring it, and all your other endeavors. :)

    1. Thank you so much! Poor Apollo is just... not quite all there, but I love him for his derpiness. It's been incredible to have my piano back. I've been playing it quite often, trying to remember all the songs I knew as a teen. Thank you again, Mrs. K!

  2. Yay, the parcel I sent finally arrived! :D I've been meaning to reply to your email for ages and never got around to it, because I'm a terrible correspondent sometimes.
    I'd love to know what you think of the book, as Karen asked me my opinion on the archaeological bit before it was published, and re-reading it has become one of the things I do every year at Yule.
    I'm also intrigued to see what you do with Spring Equinox-harvested apple wood - knowing you, it's going to be something amazing. :)

    I'm so, so happy you not only got your piano back but are also able to get it playable again. And good luck at therapy - it really does help, but oh how tough it is to go through...

    1. We've been talking by e-mail but yes, I'm so glad it finally got there! It took so long! Also, thank you so much. I'm honestly strangely excited for therapy and look forward to each appointment. Even if it's tough, it's a stepping stone to getting better. I feel a little lighter each week.