Saturday, June 9, 2018

[Guest Article: Abby] Do-it-Yourself Low-Budget Scrying Mirror

A note from Witchy Words:  At the beginning of the year, I asked the circle I coordinate, Circle of Fountains, if they'd each like to do a guest article based on a topic that I might not be able to cover.  This is a great effort by my amazing circle to give you information that you might not otherwise encounter here at Witchy Words.  The following article is written not by me but another member of Circle of Fountains, with credit and notes about its author below.  Enjoy!


I wanted to do something a little special this year for my full moon ritual. I also wanted to find a way that the more nontheistic members of the circle could connect and enjoy my ritual as well. Since the full moon is the perfect time for divination, I decided to give the circle members an opportunity to practice one of my favorite types of divination: Mirror scrying.

Anybody who has gone to an occult store or looked online can tell you that scrying mirrors are extremely expensive. With this in mind, I decide to take a page from one of my favorite authors, Deborah Blake, and her book Witchcraft on a Shoestring. It’s all about how you don’t have to spend a lot of money to have amazing magical tools or great spiritual practice. So I decided that not only was I going to be able to provide scrying mirrors to everybody in my circle, but I was going to make them.

Step One

I went to a local thrift store and raided their picture frame selection. I found a lot of really old and gorgeous frames. I made sure I got a lot of options so that everybody in the circle would be able to find something they liked - something that resonated with them.

Step Two

I went to our local big box retail store. I bought foam brushes and cheap acrylic black paint. I also stocked up on the free newspapers because I don’t have a lot of space and I knew this was going to make a mess.

Step Three

I went through every single frame and cleaned the glass, making sure there were no stickers, fingerprints or dust. It wasn't necessarily a lot of fun but it’s very important if you’re going to make your own scrying mirror.

Step Four

I did this assembly-line style because I was making 15 mirrors. I first laid down newspaper and pulled the glass from the picture frames, placing that on the paper.  Using a thick coat of black paint, I covered one entire side of the glass.  After giving it a bit of time to dry, I held the glass up to a light so I could see how opaque the coat was. I did a second coat on almost all of the mirrors. If you need a second coat, make sure you give it time to dry between coats - otherwise you’re just going to smear the paint around.

Step Five

One the paint is completely dry, I put the glass back into the picture frames with the unpainted side facing forward. Some of the older frames don’t hold together as well, but they still look gorgeous. If you need to put it together with a little bit of super glue or something, no one will know.

Not only was I excited that they looked absolutely beautiful, but the best part was the surprise on the faces of all of my circle mates when I was able to give one to each of them! I hope this helps you save yourself quite a bit of money by making your own scrying mirror.


Abby, the Circle Auditor, is currently working in the security field and attending college full time to finish her pre-med degree. She was raised as a hereditary witch by her mother and is currently practicing as an eclectic witch with Celtic and Russian influences. She is interested in learning more about different mythologies and the intersection of magic and science.

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