Saturday, June 30, 2018

[2018] Familiars: My Corporeal Companions

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  1. My name is clifford Leroy lamb Jr I have 3 dogs 1 dog named lilguy we Ben togher sence he was born it's going to be 12 years he's Ben sleeping next to me up under my right arm every night I want to make him my familiar I know he exsept me instead hem for the last time I cept 2 of he's puppy's thay Ben with since that were born that are just like there father that sleep with me every night we eat together were I go thay go with me every time we are so good together I ask you please well you help me and my dogs be come a pact I have no money to pay right know but I promise I will send you some money later I'm going to die a lawyer and he's lawferm for pergie thay declard me dead I going to get a lot of money is there a personal phone number so I can call you please I need your help please I don't want to make a my mastakes I want to make all 3 of my dogs familiars please well you help me if you we'll help me please call me at home any time 6262137562 please call me and help me thank you clifford Leroy lamb Jr