Wednesday, April 4, 2018

[Part Four] Hermetic Spellcraft: The Principle of Vibration

“Nothing rests; everything moves; everything vibrates.”

Between the first two principles, we explored the realms of our world: The physical, the mental and the spiritual or subconscious.  The mental realm is the lens through which we perceive the other two realms.  The physical realm is a lower existence, the subconscious realm a higher one.  Now, through this principle, we will see how the three realms interact and what that means for magic.

The Marriage of Science and Magic

As we well know, the physical world is in a constant state of vibration.  Science tells us that atoms deviate from equilibrium due to thermal energy, that these tiny components of matter are never truly at rest.  Even beyond the vibration of the atoms are the internal components of each atom.  The subatomic particles, specifically the electron(s), are in constant movement.  Sound is just a vibration of frequency.  Color is just a vibration, a shortening or lengthening, of light wave lengths.  This constant movement at even the most subatomic level tells us that nothing is ever truly at rest.  The same, this principle says, is true of the other two realms.  Your thoughts are a form of vibration.  Your spirituality is a form of vibration.  Everything is vibrating.

Magic's Base Ingredient is Intent

Your thoughts are a form of vibration.  Every every goal you set creates a specific vibration, a certain energy, that alters your course of direction.  Ceremonial Magicians call this "Will" and utilize it as the sole function of magic.  Because we see the other planes through our mental lens, the mental realm is the only plane we need to change to alter the rest of reality.  Witches, however, call this mental vibration "intent" and it is merely a component of a greater practice of spell work.  We like to connect each realm together in attempt to change the framework of each plane.  Spell ingredients like herbs, candles and incense connect us to the physical plane while trance and hedgecrossing help us to connect to our subconscious.  We utilize the vibrations we create in all three planes to enact change according to our intent.

The Visual Representation: Vibration is Energy

Witches often wonder what "energy" actually is.  This term is often thrown about in classes and sprinkled into books with little to no definition, as if we're expected to already understand.  The Law of Vibration, however, gives us a clear definition.  We learn here that every object in every plane has vibration.  Every plane itself is vibrating.

When we last looked at the three planes, I had arranged them in a way that they were connected yet still separate.

In reality, these planes overlap each other, existing in the same space yet just a degree off.  This degree is caused by the vibration each plane emits.

Still can't picture the vibration?  How about now:

Each object, living and non-living, exists in all three realms.  The frequency it emits is created by existing in three realms, producing a vibration we can actually feel.  This is energy.

In Magic

Now that you have a deeper understanding of the meaning of energy, try reaching out to feel it.  Take a stone or herb.  Understand its place in the physical world by researching the science behind it.  Understand its place in the mental plane by studying it carefully until you can picture it clearly in your mind.  Understand its place in the subconscious or spiritual realm by researching the lore behind it and what it may have been used for throughout history.  What spirits or gods connect with it?  What elevates it to the spiritual realm?  Now that you fully understand this object, place it in your hands and sit somewhere quiet where you won't be disturbed.  Meditate.  Trance.  Travel.  Feel it physically, mentally and spiritually.  What vibration does it emit?  What does that vibration tell you?

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