Saturday, April 28, 2018

Full Moon in Scorpio Altar April 2018

Scorpio is deeply intuitive, passionate, emotional and intense yet secretive and untrusting.  A full moon in this sign ensures something hidden is about to be brought to light - a secret revealed, a door opened.  It's a time to be aware, to look for clues and to arm ourselves with the proper protection.

For this altar, I wanted to break away from the standard conventions I had been using for the past three months.  Gone is the circular mirror representing the full moon and the crescent candle holder.  I also avoided making the altar symmetrical - something I do in almost all of my work.  This is truly a break from the norm.

Instead of the mirror, the central focus for this altar is an offering bowl to Scorpio.  Inside, I've included a variety of herbs: Coriander, bay, orange peel, rosemary, chamomile and sandalwood.  All of these herbs focus on divination and/or protection.  With Scorpio looking towards the secret and unknown, I wanted to both take an opportunity to seek that out through divination while also keeping myself well-guarded.

At the center of the bowl is a glass scorpion in gold and red to represent the sign.  Gold is a projective color with links to justice and divination.  Red is related to Mars, one of the ruling planets for Scorpio, and focuses on passion and combativeness.  These two colors, along with black for protection and scrying, are echoed throughout the altar.

On the right side sits the scrying mirror I obtained from my coven's last full moon ritual.  While we charged our mirrors as a group there, this divination-focused altar is a perfect way to truly enchant this tool for future use.

On the right of the mirror, I've placed a large chunk of smoky quartz.  This semiprecious gemstone is not only a birthstone for Scorpio but also assists in protection and grounding during divination.

A small orb of obsidian sits on the left side of the mirror.  This stone is also commonly associated with Scorpio and assists in protection, clarity and strength.  This stone and the smoky quartz guard the gateway between the worlds as seen through the mirror.

Also included on the altar are shells.  Scorpio is a fixed water sign despite its desert-dwelling symbol.  Some theorize that the original sign was a serpent of sorts that, over the years, has transformed into what we know as the scorpion.  Whatever the case may be, these shells bring the element of water to the table symbolically.

Water is also literally on the altar for charging and purification during the full moon.  This offering is accented with gold flowers and edible gold glitter purchased for this occasion.

Throughout the altar, I utilized sets of three.  This emphasizes the numerological correspondence for Scorpio: 9, or three-by-three.  The candle and shells are set up in series of three while the herbs are set in six.  The obsidian is paired with two candles to create the illusion of three.  This focus on three emphasizes the sign for this altar.

In the end, I utilized this altar to focus on divination and protection for the upcoming full moon as a way of receiving that potential hidden message it will inevitably bring.  Enjoy a fully dissected image below!