Wednesday, March 14, 2018

March Personal Update: Vigil, Hotel, Thrifty Haul and Familiars

Things have certainly picked up in the past month on all fronts!  Work has been very busy, circle life has been hectic and I've even dealt with some important familiar stuff.  Because I have so much to cover today, I'm just going to dive in!

In February, I attended and spoke at an interfaith vigil for the seventeen lives lost to the shooting in Parkland, Florida.  The vigil was organized by Unity Southeast here in Kansas City.

Congratulations to circlemate Kolika on two fronts: One, for turning the big 3-0 and two, for her engagement to her longtime boyfriend, Brent!

When it comes to work, I've never felt like more of an entertainer than I have in the past few months as I've been up on a stage not once, not twice but three times.  I see why musicians sweat.  Those lights are hot!

The end of February and beginning of March has been steadily busy - significantly more so than last month.  April's going to be crazy as I'm already overbooked next month.  It'll be interesting to see how that goes.

I managed to bring home an interesting thrift store haul this past week: A pair of antlers, a ram's skull, a very large smoky quartz and an amethyst geode.  The prices were also spectacular.  I see attached antlers like the above often going for $50-75 but I paid $20.  And if antlers go for a minimum of $50, I can't imagine what ram skulls typically go for.  I paid just $35 and yes, it's very real.

This smoky quartz is huge.  I've seen pieces like this going at our local metaphysical stores for around $75+.  I paid $19.  And the geode?  Just $2.99.  On top of it, everything was 15% off!

When I was checking out, one of the cashiers goes, "I have to ask: What do you plan on doing with all of this?"  "Oh, I just really like displaying them!" I responded.  I don't think telling them that I was collecting for a necromancy altar to contact my psychopomp guide would have exactly went over well, ha!

All of the cats got vetted this past month.  In fact, I set up their appointments back-to-back.  I'd pop one in the crate, take them to the vet (which is less than a minute away from my house), come back home and pop the next one in.  I even had a specific order planned out: Hermes gets to go first because he's smart and fast, so he needs to be blindsided.  Apollo goes next.  He's fast but super derp, so I doubt he'd catch on after the first one.  Finally, Zeus aka Tubby Tabby gets loaded because he's fat and can't get away from me very fast, even if he knows it's coming.

Honestly though, they all did just fine on the loading.  I didn't fight anyone.  The best part about the cats being familiars is that I can kind of explain to them that this has to happen and they tend to accept it.

Everyone's very healthy!  Zeus has lost 3 pounds since last year, which is fantastic.  I knew he had because not only have we been working on it (I like my pets healthy, thank you) but this happened this month:

Usually Zeus can't spot-jump onto the taller surfaces.  I'm glad to see him back to being a little more acrobatic!  Not only have we encouraged him to eat more wet than dry food, but I think not having the stress of moving for once has helped him.

Hermes has an elevated white blood cell count, but that specific one refers to air-born allergies.  We're trying a few things to make sure that's all it is.  The vet isn't concerned, however, and said he's super healthy otherwise.  It could just be a very bad allergy season.

But yeah, overall, no major warning signs or concerns!  Phew!

Artemis got his groom on this past month - finally.  We've been holding off over the winter but he just looked so miserable.  I think the extra fluff is adorable.  Artie hates it.  He's a long-haired dog that hates being a long-haired dog.  So we buzz it.  I think I finally found a groomer I like!  I made sure to tip her well and I'll definitely be returning in about three months.

Speaking of Artie, he got to go on an adventure!

Aaron and I planned an overnight stay at a local hotel as a mini-vacation.  This meant that Artie had to either be boarded or someone had to watch him.  Enter the circlemates: Phaedra volunteered to take him for the night.  

The thing I was probably most excited about was sending him with his little backpack filled with goodies.

Damn if I'm not a Millennial.

That being said, watching him run up to Phaedra's house with his little backpack - and WIPE HIS FEET on the rug, oh my goodness - was the best thing ever.

He also had an absolute blast that night!

Meanwhile, my husband and I booked a hotel room we hadn't seen since our wedding night:

Where's the bed, you might ask?

Plus, you know, hot tub.

And good food.

We definitely needed this and came back feeling refreshed!

I've also been trying to spend more time with my parents lately for various reasons.  Take a look at this hilarious series of pictures I took of their dogs:


Also, they're getting a new puppy very soon!

Meet Greta!  She's a Weiner/Shih Tzu mix.  Super cute!  I'll be interested to see how she gets along with their other dogs, Buddy and Piglet, and how Artie will take to her.  Thanksgiving and Christmas will be interesting with four pets tapping around our feet.

Then again, what can I say?  That's pretty much my life.

I think that about sums up the past month!  See you in the next post!


  1. Sounds like everything is going well! Good to hear!

    1. Thank you so much, Liz! So far, smooth sailing in 2018. Hopefully it continues that direction!