Wednesday, February 14, 2018

February Personal Update

This time of year is always pretty mellow.  Work is steady but not overwhelming, the circle is settling into the initial parts of the year and life floats on.  This update will likely be pretty short and sweet given that not much is happening right now.  Honestly, it's preferable.  I appreciate months that are routine, mundane... normal.  We've had enough excitement in our lives.  A little normalcy is important to balance it out.

Work is steady.  Nothing too new to gush about there.  We're in the middle of college events for February, which means a lot of driving.  It's well worth it though.

Many of you will be happy to know that my circlemate's divorce finally went through.  It's just paperwork at this point and it's finalized!

Health-wise, I'm doing okay.  Some mild flare-ups here and there and a touch of Seasonal Affective but certainly better than most years.  I'm just now finally getting a chance to focus on my health, which is important after years of neglecting it.

The pets are also well.  Nothing unusual to report there.  I still need to take them for their vaccinations but I have to get a few more paychecks under my belt before that happens.

One of my circlemates got Artie a toy which he gleefully shared with Apollo.  It was super sweet.

This cat...

This cat. <3

We've been working on Zeus's weight.  He's finally able to jump up to the high table in the dining area, which is significant progress!

Otherwise, everything has been well!

And that's about it.  Like I said earlier: Short and sweet.  Until next time!

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