Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Meet Circle of Fountains!

Circle of Fountains is a non-denominational circle of witches and pagans that focuses on celebrating the Wheel of the Year and the phases of the moon in a positive, practical and transparent way. What began as a small group of solitaries celebrating the sabbats in Ostara 2014 has grown into a learning and teaching coven of witches on various paths.  Previously on Witchy Words, you've had the chance to see the sabbat rituals and meet a few of the members through personal articles.  Now take a moment to meet the circle in full as its membership currently stands for 2018!

All members are listed by membership type first, then in order of date joined.

Primary Members
Primary members are the core of Circle of Fountains.  In exchange for equal say in how the circle functions and voting rights, Primaries must write and lead one sabbat ritual, one esbat ritual and contribute one responsibility to the group, such as coordinating potlucks, up-keeping the group BOS, keeping track of shareable inventory and more.  Primaries also equally share in the responsibility of teaching Novice members.

Circle Coordinator
Name: Marietta
Age: 29
Path: Nontheistic Hedgewitch
Strengths: Coven management, familiarship and shadow work.
Who I am: An entrepreneur in event entertainment who established and manages a coven while penning a popular blog.

Circle Nutritionist
Age: 38
Path: Agnostic Kitchen Witch
Strengths: Elements, herbs and energy exchange.
Who I am: A stay-at-home mother of three witchlets and wife to three spouses who loves family, friends and cooking.

Circle Archivist
Name: Laura
Age: 31
Path: Northern Tradition Pagan
Strengths: Astrology, altars and grimoire work.
Who I am: A paraprofessional and mother who enjoys working with my hands and communing with others.

Circle Record Keeper
Name: Andrea
Age: 35
Path: Egyptian Polytheist
Strengths: Deities, energy work and research.
Who I am: A reader, slave to five cats and a bat rehabilitator working currently in security.

Circle Auditor
Name: Abby
Age: 34
Path: Hereditary Witch
Strengths: Divination, healing and warding.
Who I am: A full time college student pursuing her dream to become a cardiothoracic surgeon.

Circle Advocate
Name: Amy
Age: 37
Path: Eclectic Wiccan
Strengths: Spell building, ritual design and music.
Who I am: A nerd on a wellness career path who enjoys singing and webcomics.

Guest Members
Guest members are welcome to attend sabbat and esbat rituals along with other CF events as they see fit.  While they may not be part of the core group, they are valued members.  After 2018, this membership option will be merged with Noviceship as all members will be required to go through the Novice program.

Guest Member
Name: Emily
Age: 36
Path: Witch
Strengths: Tarot, kitchen witchcraft and deities.
Who I am: A baker by trade who also runs the Kansas City Witches Meetup and edits The Center Spiral magazine.

Guest Member
Name: Kolika
Age: 29
Path: Eclectic Wiccan
Strengths: Witch jars, garden magic and divination.
Who I am: A chef for a non-profit hunger relief network who enjoys gardening, shopping and dabbling in art.

Associate Members
Associate members are long term live-in significant others of Primary Members who are welcome to attend all events, eat at potlucks and participate in ritual if they feel so compelled.  We don't want to leave them hungry and bored on ritual night!

Associate Member
Significant Other of: Marietta
Name: Aaron
Age: 28
Path: Catholic/Methodist
Strengths: Photographing all CF rituals, preparing the proteins.
Who I am: An IT Coordinator who enjoys supporting family .

Associate Member
Significant Other of: Phaedra, Laura
Name: Larry
Age: 37
Path: Christian Taoist
Strengths: Ritual prep, observation, grounding.
Who I am: Practical, introverted and a lover.

Associate Member
Significant Other of: Laura, Phaedra
Name: Neal
Age: 33
Path: Not actively practicing.
Strengths: Energy work, spirit work, ritual building.
Who I am: A cook who is currently an in-home caretaker.

Novices are those interested in learning from members of various paths to find their own.  The Novice position is non-initiatory. Novices can leave the circle at any time, remain a Novice to the circle or become Primary Members through total program completion if they so choose.  There are three levels of Noviceship: Introductory, which includes 13 classes on basic witchcraft 101; Intermediate, with six more advanced topics ranging from shadow work to trance; and Capstone, a three month individualized course where Novices compile advanced information in one specific topic area to present for Primary Member acceptance.

Intermediate Novice
Name: Olivia
Path: Eclectic Witch
Strengths: Meditation, spell building and deity work.
Who I am: A call center representative who does art and anime conventions on the side.

Intermediate Novice
Name: Alisa
Path: Pagan
Strengths: Energy work, divination and healing.
Who I am: A natural healer with a passion for music and animals.


  1. Your Circle is something truly wonderful and well organized. The principles all resonate with me and if I were a part of a Circle or a Coven or were to create my own, I wish it would be similar to yours. Problem is that I'm not very good with forming bonds as deep as are most likely needed in groups such as this... :'D

    1. Thank you so much, Katri! CF has been together for four years and we're still strengthening our bonds. It just takes time. As long as you're comfortable practicing with each other, the rest will come. :)

  2. Very nice to meet you all! Hi everyone!