Friday, December 1, 2017

December Personal Update plus End of Year Posts

Welcome to the final personal update for 2017!  November was much more hectic than I ever anticipated, particularly as we enter the "slow season" for my job.  Typically, November and December for caricaturing is relatively mild here in the Midwest.  You'll have a few birthday parties and some holiday events but that's about it.  It typically gives me a chance to take a deep breath before tax season begins.  Unfortunately, with Artie's cancer surgery, I didn't get much of that!

Honestly, I'm just glad everything's okay there.

But other than that, let's take a look at what else I've been up to:

We finally finished our home renovations!  Other than a serious clearing of leaves, which we're getting on top of this weekend as we didn't have a chance in the last two, our housework is done for the year.  Look forward to a post about what our new home looks like this month!

We had our housewarming party this month.  A lot of no-shows for confirmed RSVPs but those that did come had a blast.  We celebrated our new home with exactly those who mattered.  I'll add in more about the housewarming party in the post about our home.

We hosted our first Thanksgiving!  It was a small one with just Aaron's parents and sister.  I don't think inviting both sets of parents over would have been... ideal.  Unfortunately, my parents got the short end of the stick this year because Artie's surgery was on the day after Thanksgiving.  Usually we spend that day with my family but instead I stayed home so I could get Artie the minute he was done.

I won't be posting about this past month's full moon esbat because it was personal, but here's a photo of me from that evening.  We did some work that needed to be done.

I got a new desk!  So did my husband.  We finally have a matching set of desks, which is very new for us.  Aaron's desk is the same one he's had since we moved out of our parents' houses.  My desk was one I picked up at a thrift store for $50, but I've went through a few desks because I work from home at this point.  I'm really excited about this one.  It feels more attuned to what I need for my job.  More updates about the home of course in the upcoming home post.

And sorry for the unflattering picture, dear husband. <3

I've been dealing with some Seasonal Affective Disorder, the shadow period of Merc Ret and a few health flare ups.  I recently went to my eye doctor because I developed another corneal ulcer.  It's healed at this point but it was frustrating.  Apparently I'm prone to them.  Fun times.  At least I knew to start the Aleve early so it didn't become a scleritis flare.

Artie is healing up nicely.  He currently still has his staples in from the surgery and likely will until December 8th.  Once removed, he'll have a 2" scar on his inner thigh.  But the bright side of low grade stage one is that he doesn't have any chemo or radiation in his future.  We'll have to do some regular checkups now to make sure there are no new masses from time to time, but if that's the "burden" out of all of this, I'll absolutely take it.  My baby boy is going to be okay. <3

Not that he likes the cone much.

For updates, that's about it!  Let's move on to the blog.

Witchy Words December 2017

Posts to Look For
Altar Photos
Towards the end of the month, you should get a post for the Winter Solstice altar.  I also want to do a post showing a full year of altars now that I have my new altar!
--Winter Solstice Altar
--A Year of Altars 2017

Circle of Fountains has their solstice ritual on December 17th and I'm leading it.  You should get a post sometime that week covering it.  I also would like to do a post on our full moon ritual happening this weekend but it will depend if I can pull my husband over to take pictures of it.
--Winter Solstice Ritual
--Full Moon Ritual

Ugh, I've been all over the place on getting these infographs done this year but dag nammit, I'm going to finish it!  Here's what I have left:
--Full Moon in Capricorn (coming soon)
--Full Moon in Aries (coming soon)
--Full Moon in Gemini

Familiars Series
I'll be wrapping up my familiar series this month so I can start on a Hermeticism series for 2018.
--Maintaining a Bond with the Domestic Familiar
--The Domestic Familiar and Ritual
--On the topic of multiple Domestic Familiars
--The Death of a Domestic Familiar
--Ending the Pact

Rhoeas Hearth
I've avoided giving a tour of our new home until everything was set up.  I think we might be to a point where I can finally do this!
--Our New Home
--Ritual Room 2017

Blog Chores

Goal Updates
I don't know that I'm going to do anything with these until next year.  At this point, it seems moot.  But, first of the year, I'll be on top of them!

Tumblr Tagging
Oh dear god, I can't keep up with the tagging system on this platform.  I'm going to try to get everything tagged and updated by the end of the year to the best of my abilities.

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