Thursday, November 2, 2017

November Personal Update

These past few months have been absolutely chaotic.  It's about everything I've been able to do to hold it together!  I've been working my rear off, completing renovations on the house, prepping for the housewarming and preparing my circle for a year of changes.  I'm exhausted, folks.  I can't even describe to you how little time I've had to manage things.  Hopefully that will change in the coming months!

Typically, I section out my updates into topics, but I think I'm going to go chronologically.  That's about all my poor little brain can manage right now.

After Gaea Goddess Gathering

After I got back from McLouth for the GGG trip (which you can read about here), I immediately went to Arkansas for a three-day work trip.

It was an absolute roller coaster.  The event itself was easy.  I know my job and I do it well - that much I'm confident in.  Everything surrounding it, however, was ridiculous.  And it wasn't even Merc Ret!

First, I was booked at the Home Towne Suites in Bentonville for the event but that hotel was horrible.  The doors were propped open with rocks because the key card locks didn't work, so anyone could just come and go as they pleased.  I bypassed a black lab - not a service dog but a pet - at the same time I passed a sign that said "NO PETS."  In the elevator, it smelled like someone had just freshly finished smoking.  Upon opening the door to my room, I was hit with a smell I can only describe as bad body odor mixed with rotted meat.  The nail in the coffin, if all of that wasn't enough, was that the sheets on the bed smelled of smoke (somehow, over the stench of the room) and had cigarette burns in them.  I checked out of that hotel as fast as I could.  I didn't want to be there another minute.

Of course, this was the same weekend as a major football game, so every hotel in an hour radius was booked.  I was prepared to sleep in my car that night if I had to but the Comfort Inn in Fort Smith saved my tuckus with a gorgeous suite discounted for all my troubles.

So it was an hour drive to work every day, but that's okay, you know?  Not a big deal, right?

... Until your car refuses to start after work on the second night.

Luckily, in the same lot, I found an auto shop that had closed just three minutes prior.  I ran up, popped my head in and said, "I know you guys are closed but my car won't start and I'm from Kansas City on a work trip."

Meet the shop and the hero of the day:

This mechanic could have said he was done for the day but, not only did he get it running, he didn't even charge me for it.  I can't say enough about how relieved I was - I was literally in tears on the way back to the hotel.

So we had a bit of a rough go on the trip but it ended up working out okay, thankfully.  

That was at the end of September.  So I worked my rear off, managed two booths at Pagan Pride Day, volunteered for temple, a class and main ritual at GGG and went out of town.  This is why I was MIA that month.

Now for October.  

I have one word for you:


It was non-stop all month.  I even managed to get caught in a rainstorm...

And, at one point, I had to change clothes in a gas station bathroom just to make things work.

I even flew out a few times.

But it was all worth it.  I've been working my tail feathers off for one reason this year:

House renovations!

Seriously, let me show you some of the changes we've been able to make thanks to my crazy work schedule.

So this is what our house looked like on the outside when we bought it...

And here's what it looks like so far!  We just got the shutters in for around the door, so those will be installed tomorrow or Saturday.  And that mailbox is finally going Friday or Saturday as well - you can see we have another one installed.

I named the house Rhoeas Hearth - Rhoeas for red poppies because poppies symbolize death and that's the direction my path has taken me in the past few years.  So I finally painted my door poppy red and got a poppy welcome mat.  How perfect for my home!

I've also been organizing and cleaning as much as I can...

... in preparation for this weekend:

Our housewarming party!

I know it's unusual to have a housewarming party a year after you move in but, for us, staying one full year in a house was certainly something to celebrate.  I've been waiting and working hard to make everything come together.  We're going to have a ton of fun activities, from a candy bar to ice breaker bingo, from painting small canvases for the house to prizes and more.  I've been planning this for a very long time and we're officially down to the wire!

So if I haven't been blogging lately, this is why.  I worked overtime to make the renovations happen and now I'm in the final days before our last housewarming party for at least a decade.

Oh, and if you're wondering about the familiars...

They're doing well.

I didn't quite catch up on all the blog entries I've been missing the past couple of months since my social justice hiatus but I'm getting close.  Let me get through the housewarming and I'll pop back in with a projected schedule.

Talk to you then!


  1. Wow, what a difference to your home exterior! So pretty! Blessings, Kim

    1. Thank you, Kim! When we handed out candy on Halloween, even the kids were noting how much better the house looked now. I'm pretty darn proud!