Saturday, November 25, 2017

Altar to My Familiar's Health (plus thank you!)

Thursday, November 16th, my familiar Artemis was diagnosed with a mast cell tumor on his inner right thigh.  Confirmed cancerous, we put him on steroids and an antihistamine to shrink the tumor over the course of a week:

We also iced it regularly as inflammation was behind its increase in size.

With his surgery scheduled yesterday, November 24th, I felt I had done every physical world effort I had to give and turned to my spirituality.  I put an all-call out for candle lighting and got to work on an altar for Artie.

I started with the center of an altar, placing a picture of Artemis prominently in a large brown frame and a figurine I use as a representation of him to the left.

I asked him for a taglock to tie him to the altar and he willingly offered a piece of fur from under his ear - where it wouldn't affect his haircut.

I then found a candle that suited Artie and used it as his beacon to connect all lit candles elsewhere with the altar.  This candle called to me for many reasons.  First, I associate Artie with water - he's empathetic, loyal and loving, he has a healing touch and his fur is long, white and wavy like the ocean.  We always put him in sea wave patterned collars and try to theme all of his stuff ocean blue, sand tan and mud brown.  This particular candle was that bright, light blue of the clear ocean along with that mud brown at the bottom.  In addition to all of that, it had this red spot on it - likely because some color of a red candle transferred onto it at some point.  But this little red spot represented Artie's cancer.  I knew, by the time this candle would be snuffed, that spot would no longer be there, just like Artie's cancer would be removed by the surgery.

I placed a taper candle on each side - one for my husband and one for me.  In front of each taper, I placed a piece of the sea: A sand dollar for luck and a murex shell for protection.  I also lined the front of the altar with several candles for all the friends who agreed to drop by and light one for my familiar.

We began by lighting Artie's candle to connect his energy to the healing altar.  I actually got on the floor and placed the candle in front of him, explaining to him exactly what it was.  He licked the candle and then I lit it.  He locked his energy with it before I placed it back on the altar.

Aaron and I then each lit one of the tapers, explaining to Artie what we hoped for in terms of the surgery and the cancer staging.

We were then ready for friends and family to add their love and energy to the altar!

And add they did.  Despite starting this altar on Thanksgiving night, many friends showed their support throughout that evening and into the next day during his surgery.

Most opted to light a candle already placed on the altar but some even brought their own.

In addition, my all-call for healing candles brought in an overwhelming response:

Artie's first night back from the surgery was rough.

He was under the influence of some heavy medications initially, which caused him to pace and stumble about.  We did our best to hold and calm him as he struggled with the warped world around him.

Over the night, the medications wore off and the pain kicked in, leading to fidgeting and groaning, especially since he's not a fan of the cone.  We iced it overnight, careful not to add any moisture to the staples, to help reduce the pain.  After being up and down several times, he finally officially fell asleep at 6 am after his first pain pill and some icing.

This morning, he's right as rain.  Well, sans the cone anyway.

Though Hermes may not be handling all the lack of attention...

This morning, you can clearly see that the spot on the candle is gone, so hopefully this means the cancer is gone as well! Staging the tumor is the next step.  Unfortunately, we won't hear back from the vet for 7-10 days on that front. I will keep you guys updated as I find out more.

Thank you to Amy, Annie, Mike, Ally, Neal, Laura, Andrea, Sara, Phaedra, Phaedra's mother, Larry and my mother for stopping by to light a healing candle and to all the friends and readers who lit a candle at home for Artie.  I also want to thank Arteyin and Debra from Alabama for each donating $50 towards his medical expenses.  Everything each and every one of you did helped immensely in removing the cancer and bringing my baby boy back to health.

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