Saturday, May 6, 2017

Sick - Out of Office

If you follow me on some on social media, you'll likely have already seen a post regarding this.  After I flew back from Milwaukee, I developed a cold that settled into my throat.  I went in to the Minute Clinic and they were certain it was strep.  Two lab tests confirmed that wasn't the case but, because it wasn't strep, they refused to give me antibiotics (wat).  I finally got in to see my GP last night (literally last night) and she determined that it's an non-strep infection that has settled in my lymph nodes.  I'm feeling much better today now that I'm on antibiotics and steroids, but I'm on bed rest by doctor's orders because I have a full week of work starting Sunday - the Royals game, two conventions, a wedding and multiple after-grads.

I do have content coming your way.  It needs to be prepped but it is coming.  Unfortunately I need to nurse this first before I can be even remotely functional enough to do that.

For the Beltane winner: I haven't sent out your winnings yet because I refuse to touch the book or altar cloth while I have the plague.  I don't want to send you something that will make you sick!  It will go out first thing next week now that I'm not passable.

Thank you for understanding, everyone!