Tuesday, March 7, 2017

March Personal Update: Haircut, Volunteering, Storms


So let's open up this long-needed update with the most obvious change in the past two months: I got a drastic haircut!  My stylist has been pleading with me to go short ever since I saw a different stylist to go blonde.  That other stylist ended up doing some severe damage to my hair.  This is basically my chance to start fresh.

Yes, it is very short.  Now this was taken right after the haircut right before my circle's Imbolc ritual in January.  It has grown out a bit.  I'm really not a fan of short hair.  Particularly with all the weight I've gained from health issues and moving in the past year, I think it emphasizes my round face.  But this had to be done.  The morning of Imbolc, I was trying to curl my hair and it was just breaking off despite treating it with a temperature control oil.  At that point, I knew my hair was pretty much just done.  So no regrets; just patience.

I also wanted to make an announcement that I have been contracted at PaganBloggers.com as a writer!  Pagan Bloggers arose from a need for pagan owned and operated blogging portal after the events with Patheos.  It raised $4156 USD through Indiegogo, or about 138% of what it needed!  My contract with Pagan Bloggers will not change what you see here in any way.  Instead, I'll be contracted for an article exclusive to them every month.  That article will be cross-posted here with the first paragraph and a link to the Pagan Bloggers article, so you won't miss it by any means.  This is an exciting opportunity for me and I've been itching to share it with you guys!  Pagan Bloggers should go live March 21st over at PaganBloggers.com.

Other than that, I've been incredibly busy working the past few months.  Several father/daughter dances and university events have been some highlights, along with some birthday parties and a couple weddings.

In February, I volunteered with B'nai Jehudah to draw at the Kansas City Refugee Birthday Party.  It's a rare moment that I can make a difference with the skill set I have.  I didn't want to take any photos of the refugees for safety sake, so the photo above is from one of the volunteers' sons (noted by the red wrist band - you'll see the same wrist band in the post about my Full Moon in Leo ritual since I came straight from that event to our rit).

My latest venture was a four and a half hour drive west to draw at a university just yesterday.  I dragged one of my circlemates with me because I had to leave out at 3:30 am to make the event.  We chatted in the car and generally kept ourselves busy.  She even came in and helped me line manage, which I always appreciate.

The pets are doing well.  We're having a rash of allergies spreading through them, so they've been in and out of the Saturday walk-in clinic our vet offers to get treatment for that.  Silly February being way hotter than it should have ever been.

Today, Artemis (our dog) went to the vet for a teeth cleaning and removal of a cherry eye that popped out a few years ago back at the Witchy Cottage.  It's been three years since it showed up, the other eye never popped and it's starting to bother him, so I figured it was time to have it removed.  He's back at home now but still very loopy from the anesthesia.  His little teeth are pearly white though, and his eye looks much better.  Nothing about this was out of the ordinary.  It helps that our vet is both very good and incredibly affordable.  I'm used to paying $200 for just a teeth cleaning.  For his teeth cleaning, cherry eye removal and two pain meds, it came to $172.  Not bad at all.

In other news, after I got home from my very long trip yesterday, a storm hit us hard.  A tornado touched ground just east of us.  What you're seeing above is a tree that cracked in half and fell just from the strength of the winds.  We're very lucky that it only just grazed the house with zero damage.  Today, my husband stayed home so he and my father-in-law could saw it apart.  We now have some extra firewood!  Some of the trunk was good, so I'm going to create flat wood plates for various things from that.  I'm also hoping to tackle the tree stump itself and saw it down into an offering altar.

Honestly, the tree fell because it was dead anyway.  This storm saved us from having to pay to have someone rip it out and gave me some new options.  I really cannot complain.  That being said, we'll be upping Rhoeas Hearth's perimeter wards sometime soon just in case.

Health-wise, I'm doing... okay?  Nothing major - just either sleeping all the time or dysfunctional insomnia.  I've been unable to do anything for weight loss at this point because I function just enough for work.  We finally tackled unpacking the library this past weekend and moving the office around to get the cat tree up here.  I wouldn't call us totally unpacked at this point, but at least 99% of the way there.  We have boxes in the garage that need to be opened and looked at, but that's it.  Everything else is done.  It would have gotten done much faster if health hadn't gotten in the way.

I think my doctors are now looking into ME as a potential over-arching diagnosis.  So that's fun stuff.  I don't want to go into the details of it until when/if it's confirmed.  And I'm not entirely sure with the current administration that I want to have ME down as a pre-existing condition.  There's not much in terms of management drugs out there so the only thing a diagnosis might do is prevent us from getting health insurance if something happens to my husband's job.  Thus I've even been actively delaying tests.  I rest when I can.  I work when I can. My job is incredible in that it pays me well and I have downtime in between very busy days, so that gives me time to rest up.  My husband is incredibly understanding and lets me rest when I can.  So I see no urgent need for a diagnosis other than what I've already got - all the autoimmune problems, ha!

And I think that sums it up!  See you on the flip side, readers.


  1. Took off all the green! I haven't decided if I want to write for Paganbloggers.com or not. I probably should...are they still accepting writers?

    1. I'm not sure. I know there was an application process. You might check out their site to see.


  2. nice bLog! its interesting. thank you for sharing....
    approved for treatment

  3. Glad the tree didn't cause any damage to the house!

    1. Me too! The branches were touching the side of the house but only just barely - no scrapes or dents to the siding. Thank goodness our wards work!

  4. A lovely glimpse of your life, as always. Thanks, Marietta. =)

    Health-wise, I wanted to mention that you might want to look into adrenal fatigue/insufficiency/burnout. There is some conjecture whether CFS/ME and Adrenal Fatigue might be the same illness, or at the very least, related illnesses. Just thought I'd share that with you. It's very frustrating knowing SOMETHING is going on with your body, but being unable to get any kind of proper diagnosis. And of course, with no proper diagnosis, comes no proper treatment either!





    1. Thank you for the links, Laurie! Unfortunately, ME isn't exactly the same thing as adrenal fatigue. It's an inflammation of the brain that commonly occurs after a severe virus. I came down with H1N1 my first semester of college and was unable to seek treatment because I didn't have insurance. Much of my campus was on quarantine but, as I didn't live on campus, I didn't have access to on-campus medical attention. So I just stayed home and toughed it out. ME is connected with autoimmune issues too, many of which I had pop up after the H1N1 bout. A lot of it makes sense considering my history, but it will take some visits with a neurologist an some tests to confirm.

      That being said, I'll bring up adrenal fatigue with my doctors and see what they think.

      Thank you again!