Tuesday, January 10, 2017

This is Me: 2016 Edition

This is me.  I'm a 28-year-old successful small business owner, slinging ink and drawing funny faces for the crowds since I was just 15.  I've been married to my high school sweetheart for eight years, together for over 12, and we have four little bouncing fuzzballs!  As the Circle Coordinator of Circle of Fountains, I cooperatively lead a group of well-rounded, elevated spiritual beings I'm proud to call my family.  I'm active in my local pagan and witchcraft community as a volunteer photographer, and I utilize those photos and my own personal knowledge as a blogger here at Witchy Words.  That's certainly not too bad!

Every year, I've used a specific format to track my goals in eight different sections of my life, to varying degrees of success and non-success.  Past years has seen it repeatedly interrupted by moving, but that won't be an issue this year!  I'm excited to see what kind of changes I'll be able to make in 2017 now that I won't have the weight of moving on my shoulders.  But before I can focus on the new year ahead, let's take a quick look at where 2016 took me:

In January, I rang in the New Year with my very closest friends.

In February, things seemed to be stabilizing and all was well.  I was working hard and considering changing my typical red/blonde hair for something different.

In March, my circle, Circle of Fountains, officially celebrated their 2 year anniversary!

April was the busiest month yet, with many new changes.  I changed my hair from red/blonde to rose gold, a huge step considering I'd had the same hair for years!

We also faced a flood in the basement of our rental home, Terra Luna, and subsequent negligence on the property management company to respond to it in a timely manner or repair the issue.

In May, I drew my hand off at a multitude of fun events!  I absolutely love my job.  On the back burner, we were still fighting our property management company and coming to the conclusion, just seven months after moving in that we might have to move yet again.  This would make the third move in less than a year.

In June, I took more gigs and commissions than ever.  My husband and I officially decided we no longer wanted to rent but we had little savings left over from all the moves we'd made.  With a lot of dedicated work, we were approved for a mortgage and started looking for a permanent residence!

In July, we officially said goodbye to Terra Luna...

... And in August, we said hello to the 3 bedroom, two family room, recently remodeled with 2016 appliances home we now call

My circle also performed our first public ritual in September: The main ritual for KC's 2016 Pagan Pride Day!

In October, I went out of town for an extended work trip and hosted my circle's Samhain ritual which focused on pulling our shadow selves from the grips of the underworld.

In November, we added a fresh coat of paint to Rhoeas Hearth, officially marking it as ours.  We no longer rent; we own!

And in December, Circle of Fountains added to their family.  Our 2016 Novice, Olivia, moved to guest member, and we added three new Novices for 2017!  We also welcomed Tamilia as a Primary Member to CF.

Fortunately, aside from a single pulled claw, all the familiars made it through 2016 with no major health issues!  They're all happy, loving and comfortable here at Rhoeas Hearth!

In 2016, I entered the year:
27 years old.
Fur-mama of four.
A small business owner.
A renter.
A blogger.
Coordinator for Circle of Fountains.
Volunteer witchcraft photographer.
A red-head.

And, for better or worse, I left 2016...
28 years old.
Fur-mama of four.
A successful small business owner.
A home owner.
A professional blogger.
Coordinator for Circle of Fountains.
Volunteer witchcraft photographer.
Gemstone haired.

Now that 2016 is officially behind us, it's time to hibernate and turn inward for a bit of introspection.  What do I want 2017 to be like? Where do I want to go? What do I need to do to feel healthier, more rounded, better?

Like all good ideas, it starts with a plan.

This year's planner presented by InnerGuide
The amazing thing about InnerGuide's planners is that they follow a similar goal pattern to mine, only instead of 8 sections, they have 9 by splitting relationships and friends/family.  

Over the next few weeks, between your regular posts, I'll be tackling each aspect of my life to come up with goals for 2017 that I think will improve upon 2016.  Join me as I try to make the very best of my new year!

Next up:
Reviewing 2016 Goals and Planning for 2017!

To my audience:
How did 2016 fare for you?
What was your favorite thing that happened?


  1. I didn't think that 2016 was so great until I did a review of it. I am now a master Reiki certified, ThetaHealing(TM) practicioner in basic and advance techniques. We cleaned out a lot of our leftovers boxes from moving making this duplex more of a grounded home to us. I meet my new fav. author, I dress-up at a con willingly. I cut all of my hair for a fresh start. took a gym membership and got a personal trainer that is also spiritual and understand how I work personally. Got engaged. now an aunt to a new niece and nephew. I wrote a book. I took a lot more pictures. I got a lot more tarot and oracle cards. I back up a art project and backing up a lot more this year. I got a lot of personal growth training, met new people, made friends.

    The changes are so subtle that I didn't notice until I wrote down my closing ceremony for 2016.

    1. I guess the best thing about 2016 is that I finally - for the first time in over three decades - started to gain control over my chronic depression. I ended the year having about an equal amount of good and bad days (and trust me, that's a major improvement - it used to be one good day per five bad days). And so far this year I've had nine good days to one bad day, so that's huge!

      I started out the year by learning details about the kind of abuse (narcissistic) that I had experienced from my stepfather and my first major boyfriend....the puzzle pieces came together. I wasn't crazy; I wasn't attributing evil to someone who was just "off" - the validation was mind-blowing, and thus I began my healing. Some of my childhood repressed memories surfaced, and instead of hiding from it, I faced it head-on and took it's power away.

      I became an admin for a facebook group of people who survived the same abuse I experienced. I began to share how I was healing and I got to watch as others came out of their dark places into the light. It has been a powerful yet humbling experience. I've never felt needed before, and it's pushed me to become the best me that I can be, so I can help more people - and it's made me consider going back to college to become a therapist.

      I've grown more comfortable as a pagan, and even better, my atheist husband began to accept this as my new identity, and is now comfortable enough to joke about it in a friendly way, and to be supportive.

      There are many good aspects to 2016 - thank you for making me look back and see the good instead of the bad.

    2. I'm so glad to see so many good things happening in everyone's life! 2016 was a bumpy ride for the world in general, but it doesn't mean it had to be a bad year for everyone personally. Best of luck to both of you!