Sunday, December 18, 2016

Ice Storm 2016

We're hitting a bit of a snafu for Yule this year.  On Friday, it started raining, which turned into freezing rain during the overnight hours.  It slowly turned into a wintry mix which then turned into full-blown snow by around noon on Saturday.  To make matters worse, it's so cold yesterday and today (I woke up to -4F this morning) that none of the chemical treatments are working.  Currently, both MoDOT and the KCPD are urging people to stay home (you can click the links for reference).  Even our local suburb police department has said, and I quote, "DON'T DO IT."  We currently have a thick layer of ice topped by about three inches of snow out there.  Obviously, three inches of snow isn't a terribly big deal but the ice?  Yeah, that's pretty bad.

This means that there's been some schedule changes for Yule.  Heena Lushede is still planning on putting their Yule ritual on today - in fact, it starts in three minutes.  Unfortunately, we can't get our cars out of the driveway, so I won't be there to take photos of it.  As for Circle of Fountain's Yule ritual, we've moved it.  Because next Sunday is Christmas, most of our circlemates will be busy with family.  The nearest we could move our Yule ritual to is New Year's Day.  Yes, it's some weeks late, but it should still be relevant - and what better way to celebrate the new year?

Last week, I'd planned on posting up my Yule altar (Yes, I have an altar again!  Finally!) and decorations.  However, likely because of the incoming ice storm, I flared pretty badly and ended up sleeping most of the week.  This week, I plan on doing that.  Our Yule ritual will simply be posted later than usual and, unfortunately, there won't be a public ritual post this month.

Thank you for understanding!

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  1. The Tracks in the snow resemble the Awen
    Yule Greetings from GB