Friday, April 1, 2016

Personal Update: New Hair, Pagan Community, Witchy Words

It's been a month since my last personal update which means it's time to talk about mundane life again!  I suppose the biggest announcement from this past month is that I changed my hair color for the first time since 2012.

A huge thank you to fellow circlemate Andrea for referring me to her stylist, Chéz.  Chéz went out of her way to be meticulous about keeping my hair healthy as I transitioned in one sitting from red to blonde, and I can't thank her enough for it.  The entire time my hair was red and blonde, I don't think it was ever this healthy.  The fact that we were able to get all the red out without stripping or damaging my hair is positively amazing.  Chéz Beauté is located out in Spring Hill, KS.  If you'd like to check her out, you can see her work and book her here.

I still can't quite get used to the rose gold and blonde.  It still surprises me every time I walk by a mirror.  I may go with something slightly darker next round - the blonde is very close to my skin tone.  But I'm excited that the red and blonde is gone.  It's like starting a new chapter!

And starting a new chapter is just what I need right now.  This past month has felt like the closure of the last chapter.  There's not much I can talk about on that front, but things may be drastically changing in my professional life.  Nothing's been confirmed yet and no real changes have been made as of right now, but I imagine there will be some sort of announcement or statement in a personal update within the next few months.

In the meantime, I've been working extra hard on Witchy Words.  I drafted a few new articles and am working on a new header for the blog.  You'll see that I added two new sections to the tabs: Altars and Circle.  Mundane Living is gone, but mundane updates will continue.  I'm going to go through and rework my tag system to make these easier to access.  You'll be able to find all the updates under one tag shortly; they just won't be accessible by tab anymore.  I doubt that'll be much of an issue.

My circle, Circle of Fountains, has been working diligently on our public ritual for this year.  I say ritual and not rituals as Gathering of Pagan Souls was permanently cancelled this past week.  We're putting our ritual notes for GPS, an opening grounds cleansing ritual involving vibrational energy through sound, in our files for future reference if needed.  That being said, our Pagan Pride Day main ritual is still on and it's looking fantastic!  I can't wait to share it with you guys, but you'll have to wait until September for that.  Or, if you want, you can experience it in person by coming to Kansas City's Pagan Pride Day on September 11th!

Our local community, Kansas City Witches, Wiccans and Heathens Meetup, recently changed leadership.  I had the privilege of sitting in on their first community meeting this month where a number of ideas were exchanged. I'm excited to see where our community goes from here!

Patreon is charging its first month of pledges today, so if you'd like to get in on April's rewards, now would be the time.  A book list is definitely on its way this month, as I'm going to do a list up front and then review books individually.  A Spell Building 101 article is drafted, as well as a few more Circle structure articles.  I plan on setting aside some time in the next couple of weeks and building better informational pages for the tabs rather than just a list of links.  It depends on the Patreon and how much time I can pull away from work this month, but I'm hopeful!

And that's that!   Other than all of the above, I don't have much else to add for personal updates.  I'll see you guys shortly with more articles on the way!

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