Monday, February 8, 2016

February 2016 Personal Update: Circle of Fountains, Work, Familiars!

Oh January, you were an interesting month. It iced, it snowed, it thunderstormed and, more often than not, it did all of it at the same time. Kansas City winter weather always comes with the question, "How many inches of ice?"  More than likely, if we're getting snow, it's either layered over or under a good inch of solid, shiny slickness.  So really, you don't have to watch for a high snowfall here. You just have to hope your tires have enough traction for a slippery stuff.  Fortunately, I've been fairly grateful that, with the exception of a few below-zero nights, this winter has been relatively mild!  My husband has been pouting that there hasn't been enough snow.  That snow can stay quite where it is.

As I mentioned last month, my dog Artemis absolutely loves the snow.  He's my little water dog, so it makes sense! I posted up a cute picture of Artie's December snow romp and I thought I'd add to it with this month's little dusting run, since we were on the topic.

But enough about the weather.  I'm sure you're more interested in things like...

What my circle has been up to!  Circle of Fountains has some interesting things planned for 2016.  We've been approached by the Lead Organizer for the Kansas City Pagan Pride Day to do their main ritual.  We've also been asked by Gathering of Pagan Souls to open up their festival down in the Ozarks.  Both are happening in September, so we're trying to get a head start on planning both rituals in a way that is both accessible to the public and fun for a large crowd.  We're just in the brainstorming phase as of right now, but our itinerary has us bringing it together throughout March and April, ritual writing from May until July, and practice rituals for two months to hone it.  Our circle has turned into such an amazing, diverse and unique coming together of individuals, so I think we'll do just fine!

In the meantime, we've been having quite a bit of fun!  We've officially started our esbats up and had our first one January 24th.  Also, one of our members started a CF coffee meet where we're going around to different local coffee shops!  Our two Novices had their first lesson in January as well, some of which I may be posting here as I think it turned out to be fairly solid beginner material.  They're currently journaling away until their next one here in just two weeks.

Did I mention that CF's two year anniversary is this upcoming Ostara?  Two years!  So much as changed, but it's all been wonderful changes that have made a huge, positive impact in each of our lives.  I think this is what I always imagined my spiritual path to be like and I couldn't be happier!

Aside from the circle, I've been working away.  Some college events and some birthday parties, and a whole lot of commissions.  Work's been steady - not overwhelming but not underwhelming either.  Just the way I like it.

Honestly, my last few gigs have been a total blast.  My agencies always treat me well and I'm starting to see an evolution in my style of caricatures that I'm particularly enjoying.  I can't wait to dive in to the busy part of the year!

My husband's job has also been quite busy.  I don't ever want to talk too publicly about what he does or where he works, but we did have a hilarious Saturday spent at his job where he asked me to tag along.  This happened:

Proof that I may be traditional (read: up tight) and organized (read: wound like an eight day clock), but somewhere in there is the hilarious person I become when I draw caricatures just bursting to come out.

I've been playing with the idea of starting the transition back to my original hair color.  I've had the red and blonde since 2012, and I don't think I've seen my natural hair color since 2011 (back when I had pink streaks!). I haven't had a fresh dye since October so if I were to ever start transitioning back or changing my color, now would be the time.  I really haven't made any decisions, mostly because this is a fairly big one for me. If I dye out the bleached blonde, I probably won't be able to go back any time soon.  I've got about a month to think on it.

Took this shot off of the first Advanced Spellwork class I had this year.  Half of my circle and I are attending a semester-long Advanced Spellwork and Magical Practice class.  It actually is an in-person class, but the first class was snowed out (probably by the snow you saw in Artie's picture above), so we met online just once.  The class has been interesting so far!  I'm curious to see how or if my practices will change any throughout the course of it.

The familiars have been doing well!  Nothing new to report there.  Artie, our dog, is due for a groom but I probably won't act on it until warmer weather.  Apollo, our little black cat, is as derpy as ever.  Admittedly, while I gave him some quotes here, we're still convinced he doesn't "talk," and just makes noises.

Hermes, our large white cat, has been his sassy self.  He had a bit of a small IBD flare in early January but has otherwise been doing well.

And Zeus is his usual cuddly, social self.  In familiars, no news is typically good news for the better part.  

I have some great beginner articles planned for February, as well as a look at my circle room and maybe finally getting on an updated book list.  We'll see what I can do.  You can see my goal progress on your right - I've been on top of everything so far.  And with that, I think you're fully updated! Caricatures, husband, circle and pets are my life for the better part, and I wouldn't have it any other way.  Until next time!

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  1. I love the captions on the animal pictures! You should add those in more often....haha