Thursday, October 1, 2015

[ Review] Money Draw Incense Powder PLUS Money Draw Sachet Tutorial

Today's article for The Witchery is part review, part loose incense guide and part money draw sachet tutorial!  This sachet/spell is perfect for a time when you desperately need an influx of currency in your wallet.  My household and I performed this right before we moved from the Witchy Cottage.  Despite having to move twice in 30 days, we have managed to fully fund it ourselves.  This is particularly notable because, as much as we hated to do it to my readers, we relied on donations to move from the terrible apartment to the Witchy Cottage.  Two moves in a month and we're still floating along just fine!  Part of the reason is because my income increased significantly with this spell.  I work from home and my income has been on the rise all year, but this month it picked up drastically.  In fact, when we applied for our new house, I had to provide proof of the monthly income I wrote on the application.  My proof actually verified that I made 33% more this month that I thought I was making - and what I wrote down was more than I've ever written on an application.  So, verified retrospectively, this spell and sachet really do work.

Here's what you're going to need:

I got very fortunate that Sabbat Box provided most of the necessary items to utilize loose incense from their Midsummer box.  In order to burn loose incense with a charcoal brickette, you'll need a vessel of some sort.  That's where the copper ritual offering and incense vessel by Azure Green comes in.  You'll need something to burn it with - a charcoal tablet - and something to elevate that tablet to protect both your bowl and keep the charcoal burning longer - preferably sand.

I would heavily caution to protect your bowl and its surroundings as much as possible.  Hot herbs can crack and pop, causing a fire hazard, so please place this bowl at least one foot away from anything flammable.  Also, because the bowl is going to get extremely hot, I would consider placing it on stone or something that's not flammable and can displace the heat from the surface of your work space.  I utilized a trivet I often use for the hot teapot while drinking tea.

You'll also need something to protect the inside of your bowl from heat damage.  For this, I used some sand from a local hardware store.  I would encourage you to start by covering the inside of your bowl with a layer of tin foil.  The incense bowl provided should take heat just fine, but the tin foil will protect it from any unintentional heat damage, keeping the inside copper beautiful and fresh.  I didn't do this because I anticipated this spell to go pretty quickly, but tin foil is great for extended burns.  I would then use the sand to build a small hill, on top of which you'll place your charcoal brickette.  The reason you'll want a small hill as opposed to a flat layer or a valley is that you'll want to give the edges of your brickette plenty of oxygen so it can burn evenly.

Using a long kitchen match or a barbecue lighter, light your charcoal brickette and allow it to burn for a bit.  You'll want to wait until a thin layer of white ash covers your charcoal before putting your incense onto the brickette.  This will help temper the heat from the charcoal so your incense will burn longer as well as avoid the popping and cracking dangers of overheated loose incense.  It doesn't mean it won't happen - safety first - it's just less likely to do so.

If you'd like to further protect your incense, you could cover your charcoal with a thin layer of salt or sand, or even create a small tinfoil bowl with a flattened bottom to set on top of the brickette.  This is of course once the charcoal has burned enough to produce a full layer of white ash.  While the extra protection isn't necessary, it may help extend the life of your incense.

While waiting for the brickette to develop a film of white ash, I went ahead and set up the Magic Flame Candle in the sand so it was ready to burn.  I've reviewed TheWitchery's Magic Flame Candles in the past and they are truly one of the coolest products out there.  Check that review out here.

For this spell, you'll want a green one as green is associated with money.

Once you have a film of ash on top of your charcoal tablet, now's the perfect time to sprinkle a bit of loose incense onto the top!  Don't use too much - you don't want to smother your brickette.  You'll be surprised that a little goes a long ways. 

And here's the incense you'll want to use!  TheWitchery's Money Draw incense powder combines important money-drawing herbs in the perfect mixture to send money your way!  

While it's been some time since I used this incense, I remember it having a distinct, wonderful aroma.  It certainly wasn't overpowering and seemed very appropriate for to use for this spell!

Plus, loose incense always provides a beautiful visual that I think adds an extra something to every spell I do with it.

Now that you have your incense going, it's time to light your candle - notice the green flame! - and begin compiling to sachet!

For the contents of the sachet, you'll need your money, the fresh mint and a magnet of any size and shape your prefer.  I used a simple bulletin board magnet because I already had it laying around.  You'll also need your jade item strung and ready to hang.

I personally started with by putting the magnet in the sachet, followed by the money and them amplified it with the mint, but do what you feel is best.  Once I tied it shut, I strung the jade, a money-attracting stone, around the top.  I then charged it with a visualization of money raining from the sky towards me and my family.

Once it was charged, I used the smoke from the incense to further enforce the money drawing capabilities of the sachet.  Using this sachet is now like having a giant money-drawing magnet!

What do you do with the sachet?  Well that's up to you.  If it's your own personal sachet, you may prefer to put it in your purse or backpack, or make it small enough to carry in your pocket regularly.  However, mine was for my family as a whole.  Thus, we decided to place it somewhere that each family member crossed every single day:

The front door.  This door is symbolic of opening new pathways, traveling on new adventures and generally starting anew each day, which is perfect if you're looking for new ways to channel money into your life.

As for your spell remnants, make sure your charcoal is completely extinguished before walking away from it.  The candle should burn out fairly quickly as well.  You can take both items, along with the sand, and bury it near your front door to give an extra punch to your spell.

Once you're done, be sure to store your loose incense and your brickettes separately in air-tight bags.  Any kind of moisture can significantly lessen the lifespan of your supplies.

So there you have it: A loose incense guide, a money draw sachet and an incense review rolled into one.  A little something for everyone!  And, as I can attest now over a month later, this really does work.  Sometimes, it's worth investing a little bit of money to get the right results.  Fortunately, neither the candles or the incense powder will cost you much.  The Witchery offers extremely affordable pricing, making it well worth your time to check out the store!  This Money Draw incense is less than $5 USD.  I'm not even kidding.  Go there and check it out!


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