Thursday, July 9, 2015

Blackthorn Hoodoo Blends: Black Magic Review

Today's tea review for Blackthorn Hoodoo Blends might be a little different than what you're used to.  That's because Black Magic is a tea released specifically for the company's birthday!

Amy, the owner of Blackthorn Hoodoo Blends, has a lot to celebrate, too!  She has an impressive amount of experience in blending teas and has taught herbal classes for 14 years.   BHB has received a lot of attention, from being featured in The Daily Tea to its inclusion in the Beltane release of Sabbat Box.  But don't let that attention fool you: Blackthorn Hoodoo Blends is still just a small, pagan-owned business with wholesome, high-quality loose leaf teas.

Black Magic is no exception.  The description of this tea says it has "nothing up it's sleeve," and it's right.  This loose leaf is a good, old fashioned black tea perfect for any tea drinker's needs.  Black Magic is a bit of fan service too, as customers had been asking for a black tea.  Ask and you shall receive!

For black teas, you'll generally want a higher temperature for the water - between 190 and 205 F, or just under a rolling boil.  The amount of loose leaf you add to your infuser will depend on how strong you like your black tea - one teaspoon per eight ounces for a lighter flavor and up to three for a stronger one.  Your steeping time will want to be around two to three minutes.  Any longer and you risk adding a bitter flavor to your tea.  If you'd like to make this tea iced, just double the amount you steep.

The quality of tea can also affect the bitterness, but Black Magic is certainly not a low quality tea.  This black tea comes from the Kenilworth Estate in the Central Province of Sri Lanka.  The Kenilworth Estate is known for its strong, full-bodied flavored Ceylon black tea.  It is the place for black tea.  So you can rest assured that you're getting the best of the best with BHB's Black Magic.

Because black tea is more oxidized than other types of teas, you can expect a deeper flavor and a powerful kick to your senses.  It's a cup of strong coffee for the tea drinking world.  You may notice a light citrus aftertaste, which can be attributed to notes of grapefruit and orange in the leaves but, overall, this tea is a smooth base for any of your needs.  It works especially well with a little bit of raw honey.

This tea has no particular leanings to any specific type of magick, so you could simply drink this to wake you up in the morning or infuse it with herbs, essential oils or fruit based on your ritual purpose.  Of course, you'd only want to do this if you know what you're doing or have a recipe.  Always double check everything!

With no pronounced magickal traits, I decided to make an altar that appeared as "witchy" as I could muster.  This altar had no purpose but it was a ton of fun to put together!  However, with the right charging, intent or added herbs, you could do any number of things with this tea and thus your altar.  The possibilities are endless!

Overall, Black Magic from Blackthorn Hoodoo Blends is a solid, high-quality, all purpose black tea for any of your needs!

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  1. I just ordered some of the Black Magic Blend & added your post to the Weekly Witch Review. Yay! HAPPY WEEKEND -xo

    1. Awesome! Let me know how you like it. Thank you so much!