Thursday, February 5, 2015

Final January Check-In

Time frame is currently 100% over.
Overall: 41% complete.

Goals that are crossed out are goals not applicable to this month unless otherwise noted.

Career Goals - 106.25% Complete for the month.
Read Independent Contractor by Mike Piper (100 pgs). – 100% complete
Organize computer desktop. – 100% complete.
Update to caricatures only. – 100% complete.
One caricature per week (4 total). – 125% complete.

Financial Goals - 80% Complete for the month.
We were unable to save anything this month because the husband almost always eats out for work lunches.  Going to change that.  I maybe also like sushi a little too much, so I'm going to scale back to one roll per visit or $10 for conveyor belt sushi.
Maintain current budget for 31 days. – 100% complete
Add money to savings (determined at end of month). – 0% complete.
Marietta gets a credit card small loan. – 100% complete.
Aaron gets a credit card small loan. – 100% complete.
Pay in an extra $400 to the Chase Loan. – 100% complete.
Talk to the bank about freelancer retirement options. – 0% complete.
(I totally and legitimately forgot to ask about this, so I'm moving it to next month.)

Health Goals - 117.25% Complete for the month.
Lose 5.09 pounds (at 1.15 pounds a week). – 169% complete
Stay on diet at least six days a week. – 100% complete.
Exercise 8 times this month through classes starting January 9th. – 100% complete.
Take Anxiety Test on low anxiety day. – 100% complete.

Home Goals - 100% Complete for the month.
Well, this section suffered a bit.  The husband's on bed frame materials
but he's still in planning phase.  I suppose I should have calculated that in.
I had absolutely zero time to work on storage, so I suppose that's next month.
Obtain materials for a home organization binder system. – 100% complete
Cut storage in 1/4th. – 0% complete.
Plan bed frame. – 100% complete.

Knowledge Goals - 100% Complete for the month.
Drink 8 glasses of water a day. – 100% complete
Visit news sites daily. – 100% complete.
Read Tom Richmond's The Mad Art of Caricature (170 pgs). – 100% complete.
Take one class outside of my comfort zone. – 100% complete.

Personal Goals - 100% Complete for the month.
Begin waking up on or before 7 am six days a week. – 100% complete
Plan garden location and types of plants. – 100% complete.
Travel one place for the year. – 0% complete.

Relationship Goals - 37.5% Complete for the month.
Date night! Big surprise, I'm the burly skull gal with the guitar.
We played from 4 pm to 11 pm.  I think that more like a date day.
Date Night: Movie Gaming night in. – 100% complete
Weekly walks (4 weeks). – 100% complete.

Spiritual Goals - 75% Complete for the month.
Time got away from me and I was unable to complete my rune studies
for the month.  It'll be added on to February.
Consult with Nate for layout changes. – 100% complete
Rune studies: The Physical History of Runes / The First Aett and Fehu. – 50% complete.


  1. I love the way you're tracking your goals. I'll have to try something similar for my own goals.

    1. Thank you so much! I don't know what I'd do without this system. Best of luck to you with your goals!