Tuesday, January 13, 2015

The Last of the Apartment

I've talked about the apartment on this blog so much that I feel like I almost feel like I don't have to recap.  However, just in case, here's what happened.

In 2013, my husband and I, along with our four pets, moved into an apartment after our rental house had officially sold.  The complex turned out to be truly awful, with bad tenants, bug infestations, maintenance issues galore and even a murder.  It made both myself and my pets terribly ill, for reasons of which we're not quite sure yet.  These illnesses soaked up what we had of a savings and all potential ability to move out at the end of the lease.  Friends and readers who saw our struggles lent us a hand through GoFundMe. From there, we moved into our new, wonderful rental house.

This is the last post about the apartment I will ever make.

When we moved away from the apartment in September 2014, everyone's health issues cleared.  Everyone, that is, except Hermes.  In March of last year at the apartment, he began having infrequent but troublesome vomiting spells.  Every two weeks to three months, he'd throw up a white, foamy mucus substance seven to ten times in a row.  It was quite taxing on him, and had us incredibly concerned.  Unfortunately, even after we moved, the vomiting spells continued.

Through a series of vetting appointments, we learned that he could have anything from a food allergy to intestinal cancer.  On New Year's Day, we ended up rushing him to an emergency vet because he threw up blood.  There, we were told his intestines were inflamed.  Blood work at our regular vet showed that his white blood cell count was very, very slightly elevated.  They gave us a special bag of hypoallergenic food, but Hermes threw it up every time he ate it.

Then, we found the answer.  At the apartment, the cats had apparently picked up a parasite.  While the other two managed their infections just fine, Hermes had an extreme reaction to it.  That's why his intestines were inflamed and his WBC slightly elevated.  We found out by treating them for it as a precaution, and visibly getting our answer.  It would have been pointless for us to treat them for that parasite while living there because they would have continued to pick it back up.  In fact, the soonest we could have treated them without risk of reinfection was this month.  Despite that, we're absolutely relieved to have an answer.

Surprise, surprise: It was still the apartment coming back to haunt us.

The day we treated them, I went through my wallet and found an interesting slip of paper.  When I went back in September to clean the apartment after moving out, I took the tag to our mailbox.  I threw it in my wallet with the intent to burn it when I got home, but I imagine this or that caused me to forget.

This is what happens when you drag a piece of the past around with you, figuratively or literally.

So what did I do with it when I found it?  I did exactly what I wanted to do: I burned it.

I then put the ashes in a jar with salt to neutralize the energy.  When I get a moment this week, I plan on taking it back to the complex and dumping the ashes there.  I want to take the energy that apartment complex emits and make it stay there.

Before 2014, I was the kind of person that took hits in stride and kept moving.  We had a lot of negative things happen, particularly in 2012, but I never let them slow me down or hold me back.  To say that I wasn't myself last year was an understatement.  Hopefully, with the start of 2015, I can officially close the door on that chapter.

Good riddance, Apartment #314.

Oh, and Hermes?  He's feeling much better.


  1. I'm so glad your baby is better. Good luck in 2015.

  2. So glad your meow meow is feeling better! <3
    And wow, it's amazing to see how things can affect us!

    1. You're absolutely right! I didn't even think about that little mailbox tag in my wallet, but I feel like it had an obvious influence in our lives. Thank you so much!