Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Reader Question: How can I get involved in the Kansas City Pagan Community?

Vaguelyglamorous asks:
Q. How is the pagan community in Kansas City?  I'll be moving there soon and was hopeful to get involved.


A. Hi there, and congratulations on your upcoming move!  Kansas City is a wonderful, beautiful city.  I was born and raised here and I love it!

We have an incredibly active pagan community in good ol’ KC.  Your perfect starting place would be to check out the Kansas City Witches Meetup Group on Meetup.com (there’s also a Facebook group located here).  In this group, you can learn about many of the current events going on in KC, such as Pagan Movie Night and seasonal parties (including Bats in your Belfry around Samhain and their New Years Eve event).  Every section of the city also has a monthly Coffee Coven meet through KCWMU where pagans, witches and the spiritual meet to discuss various topics.  It’s a great way to socialize!  If you manage to make it to the Liberty Coffee Coven, that’s the one I attend as I’m located in the Northland.

Liithi Lushede Coven holds public rituals for every sabbat (they also have a Facebook account here and a Facebook group here).  As I’m their official photographer, you can take a look at the rituals they hold here.  Liithi Lushede typically have around 60-120 in attendance, with considerably more for Samhain. High Priestess Gwenhwyfar Wyrrd is incredibly sweet and amazing and her rituals are always spot on!  Gwenhwyfar also offers classes fairly often, which you can find on her Facebook page located here.

We have a variety of metaphysical stores, including Aquarius and White Light south of the river, Crescent Springs in Leewood and Mystic Treasures up north in Gladstone.  There are other stores in the area, but these are the ones I frequent.  Each store has knowledgeable staff and frequent classes, fairs and events!  In fact, the KC Witches Meetup has two events every month - one at Aquarius and one at Mystic Treasures.

Near-by, we also have the Gaea Retreat Center, which is 168 acres of camping and event land just an hour away from the KC metro.  So many events are held there that it would be hard to list them all, but some of the big ones include the Heartland Pagan Festival, Zenfest, Gaea Goddess Gathering and Lightning Across the Plains (Heathen-based Gathering).

In addition, we have Gathering of Pagan Souls, a pagan festival held at Eighty Acres.  Special guests, workshops, merchants and more are at this one, and it's just 30 minutes from KC.

Our city’s Pagan Pride Day is typically held in September in Merriam. KS.  It’s a great way to connect with other pagans, celebrate your religious and spiritual beliefs, and support local vendors and entertainers.  Somehow, I always manage to miss KCPPD every year because of my job, so I can’t give you a personal explanation of the experience but I’ve heard that it’s amazing!

The Psychical Research Society of KC holds Psychic Fairs.  Beyond psychic readings, you can purchase a multitude of metaphysical supplies and crafts from vendors and attend informational lectures.

There’s also a yearly KC Metaphysical Fair held in Overland Park, KS with free workshops, door prizes and an incredibly large amount of vendors!  They have a KC Metaphysical Community Calendar on Facebook located here.

And this is just what I know of!  I’m sure I’m missing a variety of events in and near KC, but this should give you a solid start.  If you’re interested in more information, I can give you a few specific community organizers to contact in a private message.

Best of luck on your move and welcome to Kansas City!


  1. I apologize for contacting in this fashion; I'm currently at work, and my options are limited.

    My fiancé and I have only recently begun our path back to the Old Religion. We have both always been very in tune with the spiritual. I've tried different paths throughout life, yet none of them felt like the way. If my mother is correct, we are descendants of the Druids. I also have an ancestor (great-great-great grandmother I believe) who performed enchantments and made potions. This certainly feels like I'm honoring my ancestors by following their example.
    I enjoy telling stories, so I am detailing our journey in a blog. If just one person can see some similarity, and helps them find their own path, then that's all I can hope for.
    (Side note: I borrowed the name for the blog, Montival, from the Change series novels by S.M. Stirling. Alternate history, and fascinating!)
    I wanted to thank you, and others, for sharing your story, advice, and wisdom. Never in my life have I experienced such acceptancw , love, and understanding.
    It truly does feel like coming home.
    Merry meet!!

    1. That's fantastic! Thank you so much for reading, and best of luck on your path!