Monday, January 12, 2015

January Official Check-In List!

Time frame is currently 39% over.
Overall: 41% complete.

Goals that are crossed out are goals not applicable to this month unless otherwise noted.

Career Goals - 73% Complete for the month.
Read Independent Contractor by Mike Piper (100 pgs). – 42% complete
Organize computer desktop. – 100% complete.
Update to caricatures only. – 100% complete.
One caricature per week (4 total). – 50% complete.

Financial Goals - 23.17% Complete for the month.
We're planning on going to the bank this week, since last week was bad weather.
Maintain current budget for 31 days. – 39% complete
Add money to savings (determined at end of month). – 0% complete.
Marietta gets a credit card. – 0% complete.
Aaron gets a credit card. – 0% complete.
Pay in an extra $400 to the Chase Loan. – 100% complete.
Talk to the bank about freelancer retirement options. – 0% complete.

Health Goals - 67.5% Complete for the month.
I lost a lot of weight up front by not eating out.
I don't expect other months to be as simple.
Lose 5.09 pounds (at 1.15 pounds a week). – 118% complete
Stay on diet at least six days a week. – 39% complete.
Exercise 8 times this month through classes starting January 9th. – 13% complete.
Take Anxiety Test on low anxiety day. – 100% complete.

Home Goals - 25% Complete for the month.
I have cutting a fourth of storage for the following Saturday on my schedule.
Aaron's working on getting the materials for the bed frame.
Obtain materials for a home organization binder system. – 75% complete
Cut storage in 1/4th. – 0% complete.
Find half of the materials for the bed frame. – 0% complete.

Knowledge Goals - 55.75% Complete for the month.
Drink 8 glasses of water a day. – 39% complete
Visit news sites daily. – 39% complete.
Read Tom Richmond's The Mad Art of Caricature (170 pgs). – 45% complete.
Take one class outside of my comfort zone. – 100% complete.
I'm currently taking belly dancing AND Zumba starting next week,
but I think I'll count Zumba toward February.

Personal Goals - 44.5% Complete for the month.
Begin waking up on or before 7 am six days a week. – 39% complete
Plan garden location and types of plants. – 50% complete.
Travel one place for the year. – 0% complete.

Relationship Goals - 37.5% Complete for the month.
Our date night is scheduled for the 17th.
Date Night: Movie night in. – 50% complete
Weekly walks (4 weeks). – 25% complete.

Spiritual Goals - 0% Complete for the month.
I'm admittedly pretty behind here.
This week will definitely be a catch-up week for this.
Consult with Nate for layout changes. – 0% complete
Rune studies: The Physical History of Runes / The First Aett and Fehu. – 0% complete.


  1. Good luck with all of your goals.
    Have a great day.

  2. This has been great timing for me. For the first time this year I am setting real, concrete goals. Seeing how you do it has been very helpful.

    1. Best of luck to you on your goals! Keep me updated on how they go. And thank you so much for reading!