Thursday, November 27, 2014

Negativity Banishing Spell (House Cleansing Part 3)

Welcome to the third installation of our House Cleansing Ceremony!  Instead of presenting you with an overwhelming amount of information in a single post, I've decided to divide the celebration into four parts. The first three parts will detail three major activities that occurred within the ritual: I've previously covered how to create a protective rune chain for your house, as well as how you can put together a wonderful blessing bowl for a centralized room in your home.  This article will cover my personal Negativity Banishing Spell!  And the final installation of this series that features the actual house cleansing ritual itself has been posted!


Let me be up front and frank: Banishing spells are considered black magick.  Black magick can refer to a variety of things but, in my belief system, black magick is subtractive, negating, removal magick.  It often gets a bad rap for being "evil" or "dark."  However, the reason we call it black magick is because it's defined by its color.  Subtractive spells, spells that often require widdershins or counter-clockwise movement, spells that remove something or stop something from occurring in your life typically involve the color black.  Black absorbs all light and thus can absorb energy.  As an absence of color, it is the perfect correspondence for such spell work.

That being said, banishing magick is nothing to blink at.  I would not suggest this spell to someone still in the 101 stage of their learning.  The thing about black magick, or any kind of life reversal, is that it has the tendency to make life worse before it gets better.  If you're not highly specific with the meaning of your work, it could backfire.  This goes for any spell work but especially the subtractive kind.  Something about removing things from your life creates a higher chance for things to go awry much quicker than other kinds of magick.  The bottom line is that you had best be prepared to handle the consequences of your actions for this spell.

If you are unsure, I would highly suggest not performing this spell.  If you decide you would like to try to move forward, please attempt meditation or divination to be sure it's a good idea.

You'll notice that this is a heavy disclaimer.  This isn't the first time I've talked about this spell before.   It was mentioned in my post about black magick in June of 2012, but I refused to hand it out.   I am doing so today because not only did I include this spell in my House Cleansing Ceremony, but I make a hard effort to keep this blog as open and informative as possible.

This spell is part my own personal creation, part passed to me and a little bit of science.  While I have altered this spell to fill my needs, please be very careful when changing parts of any spell.  Ensure the correspondences fit you, your needs and the needs of the original spell.  If you are at all unsure about the changes you are making, I would not edit this spell.

In addition, I would strongly suggest casting a circle or creating some sort of protective, cleansed atmosphere in which to perform this spell in.  Ensure to have everything you need prior to cleansing the space and starting your work.

Speaking of which...


My version of this spell requires a variety of objects and herbs to get the job done.

First, you'll need a black candle.  While I use a pillar as this is the candle I specifically use for any time I perform this spell, I would suggest a tea light or votive for your first time so that you can burn it out or bury it afterward.  Be sure to get a candle that is black the whole way through.  While white is an acceptable replacement for most colors, I wouldn't use it personally for this kind of magick.

You'll also need a little bit of purified water in a container that's easy to pour from.  You can create spiritually purified water in a variety of ways, from adding salt to setting out in a full moon.  If you're performing this spell, I would assume you have a solid way of creating purified water that works for you.

You will need two different herbs for this spell.  Salt (technically a mineral) and basil.  Salt and basil both have protective properties and will come in handy for locking the negativity into one spot during your work.

As for containers, you'll need three: a mirror, a small plate with a solid lip or edge to contain a light covering of water (the one I use is technically a pillar candle plate), and a narrow, clear glass.  The mirror is a platform for your herbs but also creates a reflection of yourself.  The small plate would preferably be black in color for proper absorption, and smaller in size than your mirror so that it can be placed in the center.  Likewise, the circumference on the opening of your glass should be smaller than the black plate.

You will need a pair of sturdy scissors and a box of matches.  The matches should be wooden kitchen matches longer than 1" in length.  Wooden matches are sturdy and can stand upright on their own given a base.  This is important later.

Finally, you'll need a small bowl, preferably black, for the end of the spell.


This spell is best performed during a new moon, known for banishment,  Monday, ruled by the moon, is the best day.  The time around and shortly after Samhain is the best time of the year.  However, I have performed this spell outside of all of those circumstances and still seen results.

The first step of the spell is to create your cleansed sacred space.  This may be casting a circle or saging your area or meditating.  Whatever it is that clears an area and creates a boundary of protection in your beliefs is necessary for negating magick.

Begin your spell work by lighting the black candle.  Spend the following time visualizing the end goal of your spell.  Be very specific.  Include a time frame, both back and forward, that you need this spell to go.  Define what this spell is and is not removing from your life.  Picture exactly what it is that you want this spell to do.  Forgetting one thing could tip this spell in a direction you may not want it to go.

Create a protective barrier on your mirror by spreading your herbs.  Begin by pouring the salt in a deosil, or clockwise, motion around the smaller dish.

Once you have created a full circle of salt, add the basil on top of it.  Again, pour in a clockwise motion.

Your next step is to take one of your wooden kitchen matches and cut it so that it stands around 1" tall.  This is about half of a standard match's length.  Set it to the side, but keep it accessible.

Your black candle will likely have accumulated quite a bit of melted wax at this point.  Very carefully drip some of that wax in the very middle of your dish.  Before the wax cools...

... Place the cut end of your match into the wax so that it stands straight up with the match's head at the top.  Hold it in place as it cools and ensure the wax has hardened before continuing.

Once the wax has hardened, pour your purified water into the dish.  You don't need much - you simply want to get a thin coat of water onto the plate.

Take a deep breath and center, as the next part of this spell goes very quickly.

Light another match from your black candle...

... and use it to light the match in the middle of your small dish.  Quickly...

... cover the match completely by setting the glass upside-down over it.  As you do, chant the following:

"Absorb all the negativity from this place,
For only light will I embrace."

Visualize all of the negativity - everything you want removed - being absorbed from your life into that glass.

If done correctly, the match will go out with much smoke contained and the water from the plate will be absorbed into the glass.  This is caused by the temperature inside the glass.  As the air inside the glass becomes hotter due to the match, the pressure rises and pushes against the water in the small dish.  When the match extinguishes from a lack of oxygen, the air inside the glass cools.  The sudden lack of pressure causes a vacuum effect, sucking the water into the glass.  While this is mostly simple science (and a common trick performed in bars and classrooms around the world), it makes for an especially effective negativity banishing spell.

Whatever you wanted removed from your life is now trapped inside the glass as the water.  From this spell, smoke was created.  This smoke is the positivity, happiness and future from this point forward.

Carefully pick up the glass and the dish together, holding them tightly to one another.  In one fluid motion, flip the glass back to right-side up with the dish still covering the top.  Take a moment to move the small bowl to the center of your mirror, still covered in a salt and basil circle.  As you remove the top and pour the contents of the glass into your small bowl, chant the following:

"Negativity flee and vanish.
From this place, I thee banish."

"By this spell and words of rhyme,
I cast out evil's weary bind."

When you remove the small dish, you release the smoke of positivity and happiness and trap the water, filled with negativity, back in the circle of salt and basil where it cannot re-enter your life.

Now use a candle snuffer to put out your black candle so you may bury it, or instead let it burn out as you meditate within the circle or sacred space you created.  Once you feel you have spent sufficient time, close the circle if needed and carefully carry the mirror with the salt, basil and small bowl of water outdoors.  Take your candle as well if necessary.  Dig a hole (minding safety and laws) where you will bury everything to nullify the energy and return it back to the earth.


If you have done everything correctly, you can expect fairly immediate results.  Don't be surprised if things get drastically worse before they get better.  Oftentimes, I have experienced what I thought were losses only to find out that it was necessary for happiness.  Directly after performing this spell, I have broken things, lost friends (sometimes in large quantities), gotten into a heated argument or become ill.  Each time, those things were absolutely essential to paving the way for a better life. Here are some examples of how events I thought were bad were actually positive later on:
  • When my computer stopped working, I was forced to buy a new one.  Because I work from home full time, I was incredibly frustrated with waiting for the local tech store to open so I could buy the parts and spending that kind of money unexpectedly.  As it turns out, my old computer was was so outdated that I didn't realize how much it was interrupting my day-to-day life!
  • When I got into an argument with my husband, with whom I simply never fight, it actually brought us closer as a couple because we were able to open up communication.
  • When I fell ill, I had to go to the doctor for medication.  It forced me to get routine blood work done where I discovered I was Vitamin D deficient.  Vit-D deficiency has been linked to a variety of mental illnesses, including depression.  I'm much happier now that I'm on the appropriate supplements!
  • At one point, after performing this spell, I lost a multitude of friends.  However, by closing the door on that part of my life, it removed the negativity that was perpetuated by our relationship.  It forced me to be more social and opened the gateway for new friendships I would have never forged without that loss.
If the spell doesn't work, it should be fairly obvious during ritual.  The most likely symbol will be that the water will not absorb into the glass.  Typically, this is an error in where the wax was placed, how much water was put in the bowl or how quickly you went from lighting the match to covering it with the glass.  These mechanical errors represent that you are not in the correct mind frame to perform a banishing spell.  I would suggest waiting for a different day.

Best wishes to anyone who decides to perform this spell!  Enjoy!


  1. I just found your blog via Tumblr. This is well writtenand the photos are beautiful.
    Your science explication is mistaken though. The principle is that of a vacuum. The burning match consumes the oxygen in the glass. Thus decreasing the volume and pressure of gas inside. The air pressure outside the glass stays the same so has a greater pressure on the water outside the glass, forcing it into vacancy inside the glass.
    I hope my being a know it all isn't upsetting :/

    1. I appreciate your comment. However, I used several different websites to determine the explanation because I couldn't quite remember the reasoning. You are right - the lack of oxygen is partially attributed because it causes the match to go out. You're also right about the air pressure. However, why do you think the air pressure is higher within the glass than outside of it? It's temperature! The match within the glass causes the temperature and thus the pressure to rise while the temperature and pressure stays the same outside the glass. When the match goes out from lack of oxygen, it cools. This lowers the pressure and thus creates the vacuum effect.

      While I may be wrong, the following sites site temperature as the reason for the higher and lower pressure, I'll likely stick to my original explanation because of this.

      Thank you though!