Friday, October 17, 2014

Random Updates!

I've been incredibly busy the past week since my last update!  Mostly from unpacking, but some other fun things as well.  Like dying my hair a new color.  Still red and blonde, but a different kind of red with some violet streaks and a slight lavender tint to the blonde.  I'm enjoying it!  I still haven't gotten used to it being darker, as I had the previous red for, gosh, around two years.  It results in a lot of random selfies, which has brought on a lot of funny faces.

I also attended a Wiccan initiation ceremony last Saturday and took photos.  I didn't get permission to make a blog entry on it, but this picture has been used in a lot of cover photo so I figure it's probably safe to post it up.  It also barely shows any faces.

Congratulations to all the new initiates!

We had a bit of a scare with our dog, Artemis.  One morning, I woke up and vomit was literally pouring out of his mouth (I apologize for the visual!).  No gagging sounds, no upchuck sounds.  It was so strange.  Thank goodness most of the house is tile!  After three times, I took him to the vet.  I told them that I might be overreacting, but after his life-threatening impacted colon in mid-August, I wanted to take no chances.  Turns out, I was actually overreacting.  Thank goodness.

Yes, he is laying across and off my stomach, while using my thigh as a pillow.  Dog.
Artie's doing much better now.  No other incidents to report! I'm so glad it was just a fluke.  To fair, one of the nurses said that I've never brought in a pet that didn't definitely have something going on.  I thought I was being a ridiculous, overbearing, hyper-protective pet mom.  She thought I was doing the right thing, regardless.  Phew!

Because I'm on the subject of our dog, he's started a new method of looking out the window and it's absolutely adorable.

Also, Artie has made friends with the neighbor's dog (Chester, I believe).  He's such a cutie!  They'll race each other up and down the fence line, wagging their tails frantically.  It's nice to have a neighboring dog that Artie actually likes!

The other pets are doing great as well.  In fact, the cats have been hamming it up over the past week or so.  It's not unusual to see Hermes or Apollo "crab-walking" across the floor in a skitter, chasing each other and creating quite a commotion.  I'll take that as a sign they're feeling better in the new house.

Thinking of the cats, I did something almost unspeakable a few weeks ago.  Hermes was playing on their nearly-seven-foot-tall cat tree when I leaned it down a bit to chase him.  Off snapped the top-most tier!

It pulled up some of the chipboard, so I'm going to have to find plywood to fix it with.  Some Gorilla Glue and a drill and it should be good as new.  The cats haven't been too sore that it's broken, but Hermes wouldn't go near it for 24 hours.  Poor guy.

And that's about all the news I have! Unpacking has soaked up almost all of my time.  As for upcoming events, some of my friends and I will be unpacking and arranging the spiritual room this Sunday, and we're having the Circle of Fountains (previously Circle of Northern Fountains) Samhain ritual on midnight, October 31st-November 1st.  If the gorgeous weather persists, we might even have it outside.  I'm excited!  And, of course, my series about our house cleansing ceremony should pick up again next week. Something to look forward to!

Have a fantastic day!


  1. I love the new hair! The deep red definitely makes the color of your eyes pop. I am glad that Artemis is doing ok. All the animals look like they are nice and comfortable in their new home. The cats are adorable cuddling together. I hope that unpacking is going well and that you have a wonderful rest of the weekend.

    1. Thank you so much, Nadine! Aside from the spiritual room and breaking down boxes in the basement, we're now fully unpacked! Home sweet home.