Sunday, October 5, 2014

Post Move-In Update!

Hello to everyone from the Witchy Words Rental House!  Most of you know about our horrible experience with the apartment we moved into in August 2013 and how it was making our familiars terribly ill. When we decided we wanted to move, the pet illnesses, my illnesses and my husband's student loans put us in the difficult financial decision of creating a fundraiser.  Through GoFundMe, we raised over $830 towards our move!  Without those donations, we could have never gotten out of the terrible situation we were in.  By the way, our GoFundMe fundraiser is still active as we have not quite hit our goal yet.  We're just a little over $400 from having all of our moving expenses covered!

We couldn't be happier with our decision to move.  While we haven't had very much time with the rental house, it has been infinitely better than the first few weeks at the apartment.  I've forgotten how much I miss the little things, like having my own driveway to park in so I'm not fighting for parking space, or having our neighbors more than a drywall away so I can sing at the top of my lungs when no one's home.  And of course, there's no bat infestation, nasty tap water or homicide to deal with.  So that's good.

And how are our pets?

Doing fantastic!  Our dog, Artie, and our tabby cat, Zeus, immediately took to the new living arrangements.  The night of moving in, we had about three hours of panic where our white cat Hermes walked around with his tail down and black cat Apollo was hardly visible.  But it didn't last long.  Now they act as if they've always lived here.

Most of the house consists of tiled floor, which starts in the kitchen and continues all the way to the very end of the hallway.  Apollo has been intentionally skidding on it, which is hilarious to watch, and Zeus appreciates the constant availability of cool floor.  In fact, Zeus has stopped sleeping above my head just so he can sleep right outside our bedroom door and enjoy the tile.  More power to him!  Artie is slowly becoming adjusted to the concept of a yard.  An apartment dweller his whole life, we had a hard time getting him to go anywhere near the house.  Over the weekend, we experienced success!  Thank goodness.  It's about time!

So what about Hermes?

I think he's just glad to be away from everything that was the old apartment.

I've been fall nesting for the past few days.  Autumn has figuratively, and perhaps literally, threw up in our house.  Fall being my favorite season, this comes as no surprise to my husband who woke up one morning to garlands of fall leaves hanging over the windows and pumpkins on our doorstep.  If pumpkin spice air freshener makes me a basic white girl, bring it on.

Not to say that I've only been working on the home.  In fact, far from it.  I've been incredibly busy with my job as a caricaturist!

Here's a photo booth snap of me and two of my coworkers working a fundraiser gala.  BHCC raised over $170,000 that night for childhood cancer awareness, research and management!  How amazing is that?

Along with a stream of birthday parties and corporate events, I was also asked to draw at FHSU's After Dark event this past weekend.  Because Fort Hays is over four and a half hours away, they gave me a hotel room.  Aren't I all fancy and professional?

That being said, I was indeed hired for some events on the day of Kansas City's Pagan Pride Day this year, so I was unable to attend.  I was so disappointed!  However, in the financial state we've been in, I had little choice.  Plus, I love my job.  So that makes it all worthwhile.

I fully believe I owe the take-off of my career and my general happier attitude to the move.  Even if we hadn't had all the issues with the apartment, I spent nine months of my life sick from Multiple Autoimmune Syndrome there.  I told my husband Aaron one night that I felt like I just couldn't get healthy there if we stayed.

I also felt like I couldn't feel happier either.  I lost most of my friends there, and the constant stress of the apartment loomed over me like a dark cloud.  Don't get me wrong: Everyone is responsible for their own happiness.  I can't put all of the blame on the apartment; I definitely tripped myself up along the way.  But I feel like I can leave all of that there and start fresh with the new rental house.  So that's exactly what I'm going to do.

If the apartment had any hand in how I felt, then I've had a sign that this house might be the answer.  Shortly after moving in, a Praying Mantis decided to park itself over our garage door for a few days.  What a beautiful creature!  Often revered as a lucky symbol, the Praying Mantis reminds us of the stillness within us, telling us to look towards our inner voice instead of the chaos outside.  Calmness and balance, the two keywords that I've been looking for in life, are associated with the mantis.  If the apartment was chaos, I believe the mantis is telling me that the house is the tranquility I've been looking for.  Maybe this is where I can get my life back on track.

It may help that, before we moved in, we cleansed the house.  While I did this with the apartment as well, I invited many of my friends and family to join me this time, even if they weren't of pagan faith.  But more on that later.


  1. So glad you guys were able to move! Best wishes to you, your husband, and your familiars. =)

  2. I am so glad to hear that things are going much better. The picture of the animals on the back of the couch and the one of them laying in the sun all together crack me up. Sending out good energy for you guys that things continue to improve.

    1. Thank you so much! And I'm glad you've enjoyed the pictures too! My husband says I take too many photos of them. Never enough, I say!

      We truly appreciate it. Best wishes to you, Nadine!