Wednesday, June 11, 2014

The Progressive Planner: Knowledge Goals

Last year, my knowledge goals were lengthy and repetitive.  A lot of it required me to get back on my thyroid medication and supplements.  Without them, I run around in a fog of forgetfulness and numb brain.  It's difficult and frustrating, considering my schooling history.  I want to consider myself a fairly well-rounded and knowledgeable person but I just can't when my thyroid is going nuts.

This year, I'd like to keep one of the less repetitive goals: Reading 12 Books.  With help from my friends and a few reading lists, I got a hefty list of books I should at least attempt to read.  In knowing that I may not like every book I pick up, I selected three books a month that I can choose from.  Surprisingly, I did read quite a bit at the beginning of the year.  Let me circle the books I know I own and cross out the ones I know I've read.

So, as of June, I've read five books off my list.  And I know I read more because I tackled some books not on this list, particularly related to my health conditions or my job.  Not bad.

So let me take a look at this list and compile a new one based on the amount of time I have.

My second goal was originally to relearn basic Spanish.  However, it seems likely that my husband won't be getting Rosetta Stone this year courtesy of his work.  I'd love to make it a couples thing to learn it with him, so I think I'll hold off.

Instead, I'd like to get in the habit of Visiting One News or Informational Site Every Day for a minimum of 15 minutes.  It's amazing how much information you can absorb by just browsing through quickly.  If I decide I want to stay for longer than 15 minutes because something's peaked my interest, that's great too!  I've even created a chart that breaks down what site I visit on what day:

So back to my goal table:

For my monthly goal template, I do want to leave space for my habit goal of daily mental exercises from 2013.  Again, this will be listed as "Done" or "Not Done" and will have no affect on my completion percentage.  It's more just there as a reminder.

KNOWLEDGE - 0% Complete
Daily news/informational site visit. – 0/X Days – 0% complete.
Read one book. – 0/X Pages – 0% complete.
Daily mental exercises. – Done | Not Done
Some notes:  None.

Only three more till completion!

Next time:
My 2014 Personal Goals.

Question for my readers:
What are your 2014 knowledge goals?


  1. In regards to your first goal; Daily news/informational site visit. It sounds like theSkimm ( would be right up your alley. It is a daily email that completely breaks down world events, why they matter, US politics and happenings, even some big tech news or celebrity stuff. It's pretty amazing. I highly recommend it.

    1. Holy moly, that looks amazing! Thank you so much for linking me up. Subscribed!

  2. Not sure if you are into Victorian literature, but there is a GREAT group on GoodReads called "Victorians!" They do a book every month or so and discuss it. I don't ever dicuss, but I try to always read the books unless I am reading something esle.

    1. I'll definitely check it out! I don't know if I'll add any more books to my list since having four options each month is more than enough, but it's something I can look at for next year's goals. I can't imagine I won't have "Read 12 books" on my list for 2015.