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The Progressive Planner: Career Goals

Author Note: This is my original post from January.  Reviewing it, I'm pretty happy with how I sorted everything out.  I've made a few small edits, but I agree with everything about this post so I'm leaving it as is.  Enjoy reading about my career goals for 2014!

Last year, I wanted to focus on saying no to my family and treating my career as an important aspect of my life.  I feel I definitely succeeded with that, completing a section that was at 50% with a perfect 100%.  This year, I placed my mandatory two steps and got to decide what I wanted out of my career.  How exciting!

One of the things about being a caricaturist specifically is that you spend a lot of time working alone.  That is, while I go out and draw for a crowd and talk to a lot of people, I don't get the chance to socialize with a lot of other caricaturists.  When I worked for Kaman's Art Shoppes, my caricatures were at the top of their game because of the friendly competition that fostered artistic growth in artists.  Now that I'm a contractor, I don't get to see how a lot of other artists work.  That friendly competition that gives you that little push is just... gone.

Holiday season 2013 was a game-changer for me.  Working with some of the magnificent and amazing KC caricaturists reminded me how my caricatures may have slipped a bit from their prime.  Part of that is the lack of drawing caricatures 40 hours a week as I once used to.  Don't get me wrong - my weekend is filled with caricaturing and it sufficiently fulfills me, both financially and career-wise.  But 40 hours a week of caricaturing changes how you view your work.  The other part of it is not seeing other artists at work.  Oftentimes, even when I work with other artists, I don't get a chance to see their work.  It's one event guest after another.  You don't stand up and you don't glance over the shoulder of another artist.  You simply don't have time for that.

My first goal for 2014 is to begin having Caricature Practice Sessions.  My beginning goal is 360 240 minutes a month, or just six hours one hour a week.  Before the end of the month, I'd like to compile a folder of about 200 faces, celebrity and friends, that I can use to practice with.

Feel free to link me with a clear photo of your face if you'd like to be added to my practice session folder!  No promises that I'll post the work I do of you, but there's always a chance!

I'd also like to have a test session of one hour at the beginning of each month, something that can be counted as a practice session, using a standard 20 celebrity list.  This way, I can compare how my caricatures progress using the same faces.  Here's a list of 20 celebrities that I feel represent diversity between age, gender and race.  This way, I have plenty to work with.

I'd like to also spend roughly 30 minutes a week watching other caricature artists work on Youtube. That's how you pick up tips and tricks!  Adding to that, I purchased a variety of caricature tutorial books.  While I'm well past the beginner stage with over 10 years of caricaturing behind me, there's always something new to learn!  So there's another 30 minutes a week of studying, specifically looking at those books.

That brings my weekly practicing total to two hours.  I'm pretty sure I can carve out some time for that.

As with last year, hitting a particular target income goal is important to me.  It shows growth and helps us build our lives, particularly since we're now on the long road to paying off my husband's student loans and saving for a house.

Wait.  Did I just say a house? At the beginning of 2013, I couldn't even imagine us owning a house before our 50's thanks to his student loans.  Now, things look a lot better.  Proof that The Progressive Planner goal plan works!  But we'll get to finances later.

The trend I was seeing when I was putting together my goals for the upcoming year was a few repeating goals that were fulfilled in 2013 yet made their way back onto the list for 2014.  For example, I can't imagine "Target Income" not being a goal I make every year for Career. As I mentioned in the last entry, I now have an ideal goal chart.  I think I'll begin to see that chart fill with standard ideal goals.

Thus, my second goal for 2014 is to Make my Target Income for the Year.

With this chart in mind, let's go ahead and take a look at what my monthly goal list template should look like for my Career section:

CAREER - 0% Complete
Caricature practice sessions. – 0/240 minutes – 0% complete.
Caricature test session. – 0/60 minutes – 0% complete.
Caricature studies. – 0/60 minutes – 0% complete.
Make target income for the month. – 0% complete.

Some notes:  None.

Next time:
My 2014 Financial Goals.

Question for my readers:
What are your 2014 career goals?

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