Monday, December 16, 2013

Zeus is doing much better! Plus, COT's Yule Cancelled

Zeus holds onto my purse in attempt to keep me from leaving.
Sorry for the complete lack of updates in the past few weeks.  Zeus is much better now, but his illness took quite a toll on me (as does often happen with most familiar-witch links).  He had a bladder infection from stress, but UTIs and bladder infections are serious business in male cats.  That's why he was hospitalized at our local vet clinic.  Additionally, he had an allergic reaction to the standard antibiotic given for such infections, Clavamox.  It was so awful to watch as he kept throwing up and didn't want any love.  We almost had to hospitalize him a second time.  He only took Clavamox twice before I took him off of it in fear and called the vet.  They gave me a transdermal, but transdermals don't quite work as effectively.  He ended up needing two 10-day dose sets before he felt better.

I was aware something might possibly be wrong with one of our cats when I found feces outside the litter box five days before we took Zeus in.  My babies are really good about keeping their area clean, so it was very strange to see.  Unfortunately, without any witnesses, I had no idea who did it or why.  Skip forward four days when I was taking a nap.  Zeus was being his usual loving self and decided to curl up against my back.  The purrs and rumbling continued for five minutes when they suddenly stopped.  Both of us jumped up at the feeling of something wet only to find out that poor Zeusy had wet the bed.  It confirmed what I thought: One of our familiars had an infection.  I called the emergency vet to see if I needed to bring him in that night, but they told me if I didn't see any blood that I could wait until the morning.  I took him in the next day and they immediately hospitalized him.

Even after getting the transdermal, Zeus had a few accidents.  Mostly on our brand new bed, sadly.  It got to the point that we had to lock him out of our bedroom, which was painful for both me and Zeus.  Zeus began to stress even more and over-groom, which probably led to him needing more doses to clear up his stress-caused bladder infection.  We kept him out of the bedroom for another week past the last dose.  Even after we opened it up, I spent most of the night half-awake and feeling under Zeus to make sure he hadn't had an accident.  This happened for probably three or four nights before I was finally so exhausted, I slept hard throughout the night.  I woke up in a panic afterward only to find Zeus happily cuddled against my side with his head on my shoulder and the bed clean.  Things have been good since.

Our new kitten Apollo, also lovingly know as Lil' Bits, is fitting in very, very well with our little fuzzy family!  I'm so proud of him - he's very well-behaved and mild-mannered for an 11-week-old kitten.

Apollo & Hermes
Apollo & Zeus
Apollo & Artemis
The cats eating together.
This is the third time I've successfully added a new pet to the mix.  When we pulled Zeus from the storm drain, I was amazed that a dog and a cat could become best friends over the course of a few days.  When I brought home Hermes from the mail room, I was impressed that two tom cats with completely different background and ages could love each other so much.  Bringing home Apollo from under the walkway, my fuzzy babies are yet again awe-inspiring at how much they love and share with our new little addition.

Finally, on a more witchy update, the Yule celebration for the Circle of Open Traditions has been cancelled.  I think this might be the first sabbat we've missed since the beginning.  Everyone apparently had a second function that conflicted.  Instead of our ritual, I'll be celebrating with our local Lushede Grove.  I don't feel comfortable taking pictures there, so I don't know if I'll have anything to show but I'm sure it will be a blast.

I believe that's everything I have to talk about today.  Thank you to all my watchers, new and old, for keeping this blog alive!  I'll leave you with two pictures of my pets, one of which is the beginning of me questioning Apollo's familiar status.

Hermes and my BOS
Apollo and my BOS


  1. So very glad Zues is doing so much better. Years ago, I had a male cat who was diagnosed with FUS. VERY, VERY serious illness and one that has no cure for the rest of their life. He was put on CD wet/dry food and did rather well, but the vet said that if he hadn't gotten immediate treatment, he could have died by contaminating his system! Zues is very lucky to have such a wonderful mommy!

    Hugs to both of you,

    1. Poor guy! I'm so glad he got what he needed. Same to you, Kim!

  2. So happy to hear that Zeus is better.

    Hugs and blessings,

  3. Yay! This is great news about Zeus!