Monday, September 23, 2013

A Witchy Afternoon

I don't often update about my personal life, a blogging choice that I sometimes regret as I can occasionally be less relatable than I'd prefer.  Sometimes, my life seems pretty spectacular, even on the most seemingly routine and mundane days.  Today was definitely one of those days.

This is what I do for a living.  I am a caricaturist, which means I spend most of my weekend out at sports events, corporate picnics and birthday parties.  I absolutely love my job.  I get to connect with a variety of people and draw for a living.  It also allows me to do what I do outside of work, such as volunteering...

...coordinating the Circle of Open Traditions...

... and living my life in alignment with my vision.  My work fulfills me the same way my time away from work does.  It's pretty amazing.

It is my line of work that gave way to the kind of day I was able to have.  After an extended weekend of gigs, I was able to take a day for myself and really enjoy life.

Today was a particularly magickal day.  It wasn't magickal in the sense that I did spell work or decorated the spiritual room.  It was magickal in the sense that I felt spiritually in tune from my activities.

As most days, my day began by waking up to my pets.  Artemis, my dog, was still very much asleep and having a very happy dream when I opened my eyes.

My cats were awake and grooming each other.  But, like the old married couple they are, Zeus and Hermes's loving quickly escalated to a short fight that ended with Hermes getting off the bed.

They were clearly meant to be together and they show their love in... a variety of ways.  I don't really ask with these two.

Shortly after I woke, I received a call from my Gypsy friend, SaraAnn.  I don't talk much about her here because she's not a part of the pagan solitary circle I manage, but she certainly plays a large role in my belief system.  She reads tarot, enjoys gardening and tea and has a strong-held belief in gypsy magick.  We have spent many a long afternoon together discussing the intricacies of our spirituality.

I really am a blonde underneath all my red.
Our friendship dates back quite a ways. meeting when I was just sixteen and Sara in her early 20's.  We often connect on a different level than some of my other friends.  She has been there when I've needed her the absolute most - such as when my dog Artemis was having a near-deadly allergic reaction to medication or when a mutual friend of ours passed away suddenly.  Today was no different, as I've been feeling very lonely.  I should have known Sara would be calling soon just from that!

Our day started with adding some greenery to my new apartment.  For about seventeen months, I lived in a rental house that received very little sunlight inside.  I managed to keep my large ponytail palm (he's taller than me now!), but I've been unable to maintain other plants despite having a fantastic green thumb.  I've missed them!  A month ago, we moved into an apartment with excellent lighting.

Shortly after moving in, I successfully attempted to root almost-wilted green onion.

And it got crazy out-of-control!

I felt like it was time to add these babies to a pot.  In addition to my green onion, I ventured out and purchased a variety of new greenery.

Sara not only bought me a new baby ponytail palm, but helped me re-pot all of my new plants!

If you don't make a mess, you're not doing it right.
Along with a Wandering Jew I was gifted by friends for my housewarming and my hearty, tall ponytail palm, I added the following new plants:

On top of having a wonderfully productive planting session, my new Primula teapot and flowering teas that my husband bought me for our 5th anniversary came in the mail!

Tea was something that I hadn't considered an option for many years.  I grew up on Lipton in the fridge every day, loaded with cups upon cups of sugar, so I'd developed a disdain for any kind of tea.  Then I lived with my best friend for three months and she introduced me to the wonderful world of loose leaf teas.  I've been addicted ever since.  I've always wanted to try a flowering tea and this was the perfect gift to do so!

And it was beautiful.

And delicious! We enjoyed our tea on my balcony with Zeus and Artemis, talking about whatever floated through our heads.  We spent the better part of the evening doing that.

My teapot also came with a fantastic glass infuser.  After trying it out on a loose-leaf tea I had sitting around, I decided to go to a local coffee and tea store to stock up on new teas!

Headrush is this fantastic little coffee shop that opened just a few minutes from where I live.  Not only do they have an amazing selection of coffee that they roast and grind themselves, but they have an overwhelming selection of loose leaf teas!

While enjoying their Sunset Rush, a sweet orange mocha coffee, Sara and I picked out five different teas.  We immediately pulled two staples, including an Earl Grey from Sri Lanka and an Oolong Chai.  Sara picked out a Moroccan Mint and I nabbed two fruity teas: a Coconut Bliss and a Strawberry Fields Rooibos tea from South Africa.

Before I left, I started steeping their Mocha Mate from Brazil.  When we returned, it was still piping hot and perfect!  That little teapot definitely does the trick.

We ended our night by surfing Pinterest (because who doesn't love Pinterest?) while she French-braided my hair.

Behind my head, you can see hints of my kitchen altar on top of my pantry.  I should really post about that sometime.

All-in-all, today was a truly spiritual day filled with relaxing, gardening, tea, fuzzy babies and a good friend.  And that's a small peek into my daily life.

Question for my readers: What daily, seemingly mundane activities do you find spiritually uplifting?


  1. Thank you so much for sharing. I think this is one of your most important posts ever. Because it shows a real witch in real life. That is incredibly important for non pagan people to see. I think your blog is the best blog on the web, because it shows pagans, witches ect. in the most real light. You perfectly exemplify what a REAL TRUE HONEST TO GOODNESS wiccan/witch/pagan is today. It is vitally important for people to see that it isn't all about spells, spirits and dark and oogey things. It very rarely is. It is just good kind people caring about the well being of their fellow humans, earth and animals.
    I have yet to come across a more sincere and real pagan/witchy person.
    Thanks ever so much.

    1. A,

      Thank you so much for reading and for your kind words! What you stated is exactly one of the many reasons why I started this blog. It's why I allow cameras into the circle and post pictures of ritual. Contemporary paganism has allowed for so much more transparency in recent years. I want my blog to be chocked full of detailed information and pictures for the new and advanced pagan, Wiccan or Witch alike, as well as new-comers simply interested in what we truly are. Readers like you keep me excited about this blog.

      Thank you again!

  2. I just had my first pot of flowering tea. If it wasn't for your blog, I wouldn't have known they existed! Cheers :)