Friday, August 16, 2013

My Familiars - Part 3 of 3: Hermes

Name: Hermes
Always called: 'Ermie, Asscat
Gender: Male
Breed: Leucistic Siamese mix
Age: 4 (as of November 2014)
Element: Air

This is Hermes, one of our wonderful fuzzy babies and yet another of my familiars.  Aptly named, Hermes is a trickster and the fastest cat I've ever met.  He has a constant conniving grin on his face and a devious look in his eyes.  It's as if he's always on the verge of doing something he knows you're going to want to destroy him for, and typically, that's pretty much true.   From knocking a glass of water into my computer and frying the hard drive to pulling on the altar cloth and destroying a well-put together Lammas altar, he's absolutely beans.  But, when he's not darting around the house or destroying my favorite shirt, he is my baby.  He curls up on the back of my computer chair and prefers to sleep with his head on my shoulder and his arm stretched across my chest.  His love is how I know he was destined to be mine.

Of course, Hermes is the messenger of the Greek gods.  We named him this because we found him and his sister in the mail room of our complex when we were checking our mail.  We also chose this name because he had a visible "h" on his forehead.  I thought the marking was dirt or oil, but it didn't come off with cleaning.  After we had him for about six months it faded away. Now he's completely white.

Originally, we didn't want to own another cat.  We already had Nyx, Artie and Zeus at the time and another just didn't seem feasible.  It was punctuated by the fact that there were two of them, and I desperately wanted to keep them together.  As time went on and the two of them stayed unvetted and separated from my pets, I began to realize finding a home for them together wasn't possible.  I eventually adopted his sister off to a friend of a friend, who named her Khione, Greek for snow.  I'm starting a trend!

But finding a place for Hermes was absolutely impossible.  The no-kill shelters here are overrun.  The soonest I could get in at one was three months, and I had to say I was giving up my own cat - they wouldn't take strays.  Fosters were overwhelmed with litters at the time, so I couldn't give him that way.  The next option was a barn, but the waiting list for that was three months as well!  In the meantime, Hermes was getting frustrated with the bathroom and lonely.  So lonely that we endured this day after day, night after night:

Hermes Says "Hello?"

Finally, after a lot of talking, my husband and I decided that we could do one more cat.  A giant thank you to KC Cat Advocates, who paid for his vetting at a time where our money was questionable.  After he was vetted, we let him out with our other fuzzy babies for the first time...

Zeus and Hermes immediately bumped heads and purred.  They've been inseparable ever since.

This was only a few weeks after we first got him.  Note the h is still on his forehead.
And here's one from only a few weeks ago.  Note the absence of the h!
Not only that, but he and Artie also get along swimmingly!  They're like one big happy family!

Despite his destructive, hyperactive tendencies, Hermes is still one of my familiars.  How do I know?

- While Hermes isn't in my circle when I begin, he always joins me.  This means I typically have all three of my pets in the circle unless I close them out for group rituals - and I only do this to save space.
- If my Book of Shadows is out, he's laying on it.  He also likes pulling or knocking important books off of my shelf.
- He's attracted to everything magickal of mine, even if it means destroying it (my Brigid's cross, Charli's corn doll...).
- Hermes is attracted to the East corner of my circle.
- You can find Hermes at the East corner when the circle isn't put together, and he always sits in that area when it is.
- Hermes is the glue that holds my familiars together.

As Hermes has aged and calmed down, he has gotten closer to me.  The closer he has gotten to me, the more he has participated in spells and rituals.  Because of this, I call him my "Learned Familiar," and I wouldn't have it any other way.


  1. Just thought you would want to know.

    1. I actually volunteer for three different rescue-and-foster groups. There are other options; I just wasn't aware at the time.