Tuesday, July 30, 2013

August Eve (Lammas) 2013 Altar

The altar I created for Lammas this year represents the bountiful harvest of the first Harvest Festival, punctuated with wheat, corn kernels, grapes and apples, as well as a glass of wheat beer and flowers of the season.  In addition, altar coins from a visiting friend were placed at each corner and at the center in their appropriate places.

Use of Major Arcana cards The Star (from the Ghosts and Spirits Tarot by Lisa Hunt) and The Universe (from Aleister Crowley's Throth Deck) refer to the cosmic events occurring during the time of Lammas while the rune jera is the rune of harvest, directly symbolizing the meaning behind the holiday.

The center most candle's colors and scents also punctuated the meaning of the holiday by blending the smells of harvest: apple, pine and cedar.  

The corn doll hanging above the altar was created last Lughnasadh.  It is featured in a wreath of empty branches symbolizing the coming empty branches of the trees.  During the holiday, it is customary to create a new corn doll to replace the old.  The old is then buried for good fortune.

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