Saturday, May 11, 2013

First Ever Wiccan Service for Fallen Airmen at Edwards Air Force Base (CA)

In the promotion of news about Wiccan and pagan equality, I ran across an article I am proud to share with my followers.  Thursday night, May 9th, a circle led by Elder Priestess Amy Watson held a service to honor the fallen airmen of 2013 spurred by the loss of a local airman pilot Captain Victoria Ann Pinckney in a crash on May 3rd.  This service was held at the Edwards Air Force Base in California.

"The circle members called in Badb, and the Horned God, and invited the fallen Airmen to join them and be honored. Then they raised healing energy “to send back through their threads of life/energy to help those which are a part of their tapestries of life.” Several traditional poems were read, and as Captain Victoria Ann Pinckney, the local Palmdale High School Graduate and pilot, was a WASP and a tanker pilot, the poem Vectors to the Tanker, along with a WASP memorial poem for female pilots. The Heathens in attendance spoke of the honor accorded to fallen warriors and that those slain in battle are collected by Freyja and Odin and brought to their halls, Sessrumir and Valhalla. They shared mead and lemon cookies on an altar with red roses. The lemon and red roses are military traditions when honoring those lost."

According to the article featured by the First Pantheistic Center of the Antelope Valley, the Wing Chaplain suggested to the Elder Priestess that they schedule weekly services "just like all the other denominations have."


  1. That's great the fallen witches are finally getting the proper burial service they would have wanted. I knew a few years ago Selena Fox was instrumental in getting pentagrams approved for soldier's tombstones, and here is a similar article regarding the Hammer of Thor for pagans

    1. Already knew about both, though I appreciate the link for my readers!