Sunday, April 28, 2013

Beltane 2013

This entry will cover the Beltane 2013 ritual Stacey wrote for my Circle, including the dinner, activities, music, and other festivities.

For those of you that didn't see the altar from my Beltane Altar post, above was the altar I created for the circle.  For more details on that, head over to that blog entry.  It includes a detailed image of what I put on the altar and why.

As all of our rituals do, Beltane began with a gorgeous dinner.  Everyone participates in making the dinner possible.  From left to right around the table, here's who brought what:

Stacey and Ben brought rose-shaped cinnamon apples in crust.
(Excuse my inhaler - I'm asthmatic.)
They tasted amazingly similar to a very delicious apple pie.
They also brought homemade whipped cream and peaches.

I made a goat's cheese and feta salad with spinach, cucumber, tomato, whole raw green beans and celery.
I offered a fat-free Italian dressing to top it off.

Alex brought oat bannocks (the bowl in the back).
Nickey brought floral-infused roast beef.

And finally, Rosa brought a gorgeous quiche.

After dinner, the Circle made floral crowns upon Stacey's suggestion.  The bouquet I created for the centerpiece was specifically made so they could use the flowers for their crowns.  I opted for silk flowers instead of real ones because they would last longer and cause less flower cutting in the future.  I also opted out of the activity because I already have a floral crown that's very special to me.

After that, we headed down to the circle area, which I had decorated immensely for Beltane.

In every ritual, I've decorated the perimeter of the circle with something special that relates to the sabbat.  For Beltane, I wanted to decorate it with ribbon, but I also wanted to do something special.  After jumping up and off a chair numerous times, I managed to hang lights in the shape of a circle.  I then tied ribbon every now and then so that it could hang down.  In the center, I transformed the pole from the middle of the basement into a Maypole.  It created a magical (or should I say, magickal) atmosphere.

The first step of Stacey's ritual was to light the fires of Beltane and jump them.  Because we were inside, thanks to a very chilly, sleet-filled day, we opted for two candles.  Instead of just sitting them on the floor, I grabbed a couple logs to imitate a fire.  I then grabbed some music for the event!

We then continued on to create wishing branches.  These were actually mini-Maypoles made out of branches and ribbon.  Stacey stated that we should write one wish on each ribbon and then braid them together, meditating on each wish and visualizing them coming true.  Here's what mine looked like in the end:

And finally, there was the Maypole dance.  This was incredibly exciting!  We did a test run to make sure we knew what we were doing and then I started the music.

After we completed Stacey's ritual, we actually continued on to the Growing Moon esbat in the same circle since we were celebrating it on the full moon.  But that's a post for another time

I hope this entry can give you and yours ideas for your Beltane ritual celebration.  And have a fantastic Beltane!


  1. Your ritual looks lovely. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Of course! Thank you so much for dropping by!