Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Tip: Quartz Crystal

Quartz crystal is the most common of the crystals found in the earth's soil.  It has been used for centuries for everything from rain rituals to burial sites.  Like jade, which was the most often carved stone in Asian cultures, quartz varieties were used for tools and carvings in European history.  Originally thought to be permanently frozen water by Roman philosopher Pliny, quartz varieties paved the way for Nicolas Steno's crystal studies in the 1600's.

Metaphysically, quartz crystal is known for its versatility.  Because of it's clear to white nature, it can be used for just about any purpose.  As an amplifier, it will enforce other colors, herbs and crystals, making your spell work and altar stronger in message.

On its own, clear quartz is used for healing most any ailment, but particularly those of the soul, mind and blood.  Because it projects all colors of light, it aligns to any chakra.  Known for its ability to balance energy, it removes negative energy and thus is known to purify as well.

If you own no other stones, own a quartz crystal.  Its versatility and uses make it a suitable stone for any work you may do.

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