Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Great news! Out of the Occult and into Religion!

Last week, Elysia over at Llewellyn blogged about a huge change coming to a local book store near you.  What am I talking about?  Your Wicca and Witchcraft books are now being labeled as religious books, not occult books.  This means no more scouring through the seas of Mind, Spirit and Body or sitting in front of the occult section with googly eyes from other customers.  Nothing like being labeled before you can even breathe.

While it is still up to your local book store where these books are placed, this is a lofty step forward for the book industry and for Pagan equality.  Of course, getting the word out is key.  I wouldn't have known much about this had Patti at not blogged about it herself.  If I'd went to my local book store and saw a decrease in Pagan and Wiccan books in the Occult section, I may have assumed that they were cutting my religion out entirely.  Why?  Because it's honestly happened to me before.

This also doesn't affect where I typically buy my books - - because they've been labeling Wicca and Witchcraft books as religion since I can remember.

That being said, reblog, reblog, reblog!  Let's get the word out in the Pagan community that they may start finding their books side-by-side with those of mainstream religions!


  1. From what I heard, this only goes for Wicca books, and not for witchcraft. Or did my source get that wrong?

    1. According to the article, Witchcraft remains in the Occult section. However, the two criss-cross so much that some Witchcraft books may end up in the Religion section as well. In fact, Elysia at Llewellyn was specifically pointing out some books that deal with Witchcraft as being moved over to Religion, oddly enough.