Sunday, December 23, 2012

The Newest Member of my Cork Family

Say hello to Baby Cork, the newest member of my cork stuff family.  As you may recall, I have a small obsession with cork stuff.

Small.  Sure.
So when I ran across this small cork bottle at the thrift store while shopping for Midwinter, I just had to have him; this is the same run where I bought my baskets and the snowflake candle in the middle of the altar.  He was only 25 cents!  He's a tiny little thing too.

So cute!
I've recently set aside four of my cork bottles for offerings to the corners.  I filled one with water, one with ash and one with dirt.  The fourth I left empty for air.  I thought it would work much better than my previous offerings (incense, candle, chalice of water and chalice of dirt), and it looks a bit more cohesive.  I also don't have to worry about an animal knocking anything over during a ritual anymore since they're all corked.  Bonus!

Just wanted to share Baby Cork while I had him on my mind. For those of you that celebrate it, have a fantastic Christmas!

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