Thursday, December 27, 2012

Esbat Names, Correspondences and Ritual Goals

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Esbat rituals celebrate the monthly full moon, but did you know that each full moon has a name and specific focuses for your goals and magick?  In the above image, I've compiled a list of the esbat names, correspondences, rituals, magick and goals associated with each full moon.  I've included the Blue Moon, the name of a full moon that happens to be the second one of the month.  We won't have one for 2013 or 2014, but you'll see it again July of 2015.

With 2013 just around the corner, everyone is starting to set their New Year's Resolutions.  As part of my personal belief system, I use esbats as a self check up on the yearly and monthly goals I make.  I always ask myself the following questions:
     How am I?  This includes physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.
     How am I progressing towards meeting my goals for the year?
     Did I meet my goals for last month?
     Do I have any goals for the upcoming month?
On top of those questions, I set a specific focus for each check up, such as looking at one of the eight areas I consider essential to a happy life.  Examples of these include taking a special look at my health or financial goals.  I also have general actions to take during the next lunar cycle, such as cleaning the house, creating balance in my life or even simply relaxing.

For sanity's sake, it's important to set goals and check in with yourself routinely.  Full moons provide that for me.  How do yearly goals and resolutions fit into your belief system?


  1. Awesome Chart!You gave me a lot of thinking with this post, about my new year's resolution and my belief :)

  2. Awesome. Thank you bay much. Your charts will definitely get me working. .

    1. Thank you for reading! Good luck to you on your path!

  3. Awesome. Thank you bay much. Your charts will definitely get me working. .