Wednesday, November 21, 2012

A Natural Escape

How did I get so lucky?
I admit that I have more modern tendencies than most Pagans would prefer.  I have too many allergies to perform rituals outside or walk barefoot in the grass.  And with a condition of mine, I can't handle temperatures below 60F.  I can't tell you how many times my friends have requested an outdoor ritual only to have me turn it down.  From my previous post on herbal remedies for colds, you can tell that I tend to stick to modern science over holistic medicine.  If I had the ability, I'd live without electricity, dye my hair with henna and dance under the moon barefoot - and I'm incredibly jealous of those who can.

That being said, I am a Pagan.  I feel I have some sort of special connection with the earth, even if it is restricted by my biology.  My husband and I have been lucky enough to rent a house for the past year and it's been a wonderful experience.  I have the whole basement to dedicate to my craft and, for the first time, I feel free.

But even better is the backyard.  The house we live in was vacant for a few years before we moved in and the backyard went feral.  For most looking to buy a house, this is a huge turnoff.  For me?  It's like having my own nature paradise just a few steps away.  There's even a creek back there.  If there were some privacy fences, I'd be more open to the idea of holding an outdoor circle (on a nice, 70F day with low pollen count, yes please!).

The entire neighborhood is older.  All the trees tell their age with their size and the amount of leaves that fall in the autumn.  I had posted the following picture in a previous blog, but I think it bares reposting here:

I suppose what it boils down to is that every person, regardless of religion, should have some sort of natural escape - a way to reconnect with the earth, relax and enjoy life.  Fortune has favored me in that I have one just downstairs and through the back door.  Where is your natural escape?

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