Saturday, June 23, 2012

Green Babies and Fuzzy Babies

Look at those beautiful mint starters.  Just a few days ago, I received them on the verge of wilted.  Mint is such a resilient plant and believe me, I was relying on its typical tenacity to save these little guys.  The one on your right still has a ways to go before I'd say he's in the clear, but he looks so much better than he did even just yesterday.  Oh the things I can do with fresh mint around the house.

There are a few things I pride myself on: animals love me, I'm a dedicated learner, I'm stronger than I look and I have one hell of a green thumb.  I'd say it comes from my mother, but I adopted off my coleus to her and, well... now I have a large spare pot laying around.

I have a few other plants around.  One is an asparagus fern that I bought along with my now deceased coleus.  The other is a 3' tall elephant palm who was given to us by a moving neighbor.  When I got him, he had three bulbs.  He now only has two, also thanks to my mom (I love you, but you are not touching another one of my green babies!).  Despite all those plants around the house, I've been concerned about starting in on herbs.  The asparagus fern hangs up high, the coleus was left outside during the summer and adopted off to my mom for the winter, and the elephant palm... well, let's just say this: he's cat friendly.  One of my little demons will munch on anything living (I'm looking at you, Hermes).

However, the upside to where my husband and I now live is that I have a spare room I can dedicate to a few small plants behind closed doors.  I say a few because we are renting a house that will eventually sell.  When it does, I'll have to tote my green babies to an apartment where I probably won't have that luxury.  At that point, I'm hoping to modify the back of a shelf to where it opens like a door and shove it against a window.  Maybe, just maybe, I can save them from almost certain death at the hands of Hermes.

Hermes is not my only fuzzy baby, though he is the most recent addition from October of 2011 and most definitely the last for a long while.  I have this thing where animals in need seek me out and my heart is way too big to say no.  

It began with Nyx, our first cat and my little spark of fire.  She was actually my husband's doing - he rescued her from an ice storm in November of 2010.  She's the eldest and has definitely had a rough life - broken toes, calcified muscles and an attitude that had her and I butting heads at the beginning.

Two days later, I brought home my Lhasa Apso Artemis (Artie).  He's the fluidity of the household, easy going and happy as a clam, though he wasn't always that way.  I had no idea that the people I got him from abused him.  When I got him, he was infested with fleas and worms, had bruises on his sides and you could feel the underside of his rib cage.  He lacked any kind of proper training and was frightened of various things - water, scissors and being grabbed at.  Today, he's my little angel - he goes everywhere with me, or rather everywhere he can anyway.

In May of 2011, I was walking Artie during a lightning storm (seriously, of all the times you need to take a leak, dog) when this little fuzzy face pops out of a storm drain.  This bulky, muscle-toned cat thumps up to me, flops on his side and hugs my leg.  Thus we adopted Zeus.  He was clearly never owned before us, but if I had to say I had a familiar, he would definitely be it.  He's most definitely my cat. He follows me everywhere, is almost always on my lap and is often with me for spellwork.  He's sometimes a worrywart, but mostly, he's easy going and down-to-earth.

Finally, in October of 2011, we rescued a brother and sister cat from the mail room of our apartment complex.  I was able to find a home for the sister but there were no foster homes or shelters who had room for the male.  I tried for over a month, but I just couldn't leave the poor thing in the bathroom any further.  With the help of a rescue group, we were able to vet Hermes for free and he's now an addition to our family.  The youngest, I affectionately call him Asscat.  He's always into trouble, breaking and tearing things.  He's definitely the most well adjusted of the group. I think he was maybe dumped for 24 hours before we took him in.

At first I was afraid that I'd be a horrible pet mother.  Then, I was scared that I was taking in more fuzzy things than I could handle.  But upon remembering that everything happens for a reason, I saw that we were all destined to meet.  It's so clear that each one of my pets represents an element to me and is a portion of the jigsaw puzzle of my life - a puzzle that would have been left incomplete without them.

Though sometimes I have to remind myself of that when Hermes decides to bite my nose at 3 AM...

Artemis, Nyx and Zeus. 

Zeus and Hermes.

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