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I purchased this cauldron from my local thrift store.  Because it's ceramic and secondhand, I cannot guarantee that it won't overheat or break.  I would suggest placing aluminum foil in it when burning anything and keeping it on a heat-controlled surface such as a pot holder, stove or tile.


Purchased at a thrift store, I would guestimate this deer antler is roughly 8-10" long.  It has been well cleaned.


The quartz crystal point is about an inch long and a centimeter wide.  The amethyst geode is about 3-4" high.  I would guestimate the selenite wand to be about 6-8" in length.  Here, you can see the wand paired with a tealight for scale:

As selenite is fragile, be cautious.  Some strands flaked off when I pulled the price tag off of it.


This brass candle snuffer is very small but perfect for storing away in small spaces, keeping hidden or out on travel.

While the patchouli incense does come with a burner, I couldn't pass up this dragonfly shaped incense burner.

A cleansing bundle of herbs was one of the most requested items.  This sage stick is small - around 4" - but you'll likely get many uses out of it, even if you cleanse your whole house.

I received this eucalyptus oil in a box review, but I have so much of it that I'm happy to give this to a witch who needs it more than I do.  As far as I'm aware, it has never been opened.

HEM is my go-to brand for incense and patchouli's a well-loved favorite in the community.


Rosemary - Salt - Cinnamon - Dandelion Leaf - Bay Leaf - Basil - Cloves - Parsley

All herbs included come from my collection and are hand-packaged in plastic bags for your and their protection.  I cannot guarantee the age of any of these herbs so I would highly suggest not consuming them.  That being said, these are eight herbs I commonly worked with as a young witch and ones I have an abundance of now.  Enjoy!


I created these spell candles by hand.  The black one on the left is for banishing and protection while the pink on the right is for self-love and emotional healing.  The banishing and protection candle includes dragon's blood oil, bay and rosemary herbs and quartz crystal shards.  The self-love and emotional healing candle includes rose oil, rose quartz, rose petals and lavender.  Given that they ship properly and that temperature change doesn't affect them, the herbs and stones should be secured in the wax, as seen by my holding them upside down at the bottom of the picture above.  Ensure you charge the candles before burning them.


This spell bottle was created to aid in psychic dreams and peaceful sleep.  It includes chamomile, cloves and lavender herbs, blue topaz and amethyst shards and a spell scroll, all sealed with lavender-colored wax.  Activate it by charging it, then place it by your bed on our nightstand or under your bed.  I would not suggest sticking it under your pillow as the wax seal may break.


"Road Opening" spells involve clearing the metaphorical path to your goal.  This could remove any blockage or stall in any one specific situation.  Perhaps you want a promotion but need that foot in.  Maybe you want to communicate with spirits but can't get through the veil.  Maybe you want to live in peace but drama keeps getting in the way.  This spell will help!

The paper itself has been soaked in road opening oil and road opening tea, then burned with an orange candle around the edges to activate road opening properties.  The sigil featured is one of my creation and has never before been used.  This scroll has been wrapped around an orange candle, the color for success, and tied with a yellow ribbon for communication and victory.  To activate the sigil, charge it!  You can either keep it with you, place it above your head where you sleep or burn it.  Do whatever you feel works best for your needs!

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